How to Start a Blog in a More Efficient Manner


Nowadays, in 2017, creating a blog has become easier than ever. There are blogs all around us, and information is now circulating extremely quickly, so it’s perhaps the best time to create a blog if you don’t have one already. But how should you do that? Read on for some advice on the first steps to create a blog.

Assess the amount of effort

Before even setting up your blog, you should take into account a couple of things. One of the first should be whether you have enough time and resources for the blog. Depending on your topic, your passion, your interest and your ambition, it may take up quite some time to write content for the blog, not to mention maintenance, design and others. Moreover, you may need to make some investments in web hosting, domain name and so on. Are you ready to use all your resources?

Choose the Right Platform for You

There are lots of blog platforms to choose from, starting with Blogger, Tumblr, Wix etc. However, WordPress seems to be the one people prefer most, since it’s free, it offers lots of themes for you to customize your page, have a great support team and offer lots of plugins. Especially if you’re not really familiar with all this, it would be useful to go for WordPress.

Choose a Catchy Domain Name

The domain name is the first thing your visitors see when they stumble upon your blog. It should be representative of your idea and your personality, but at the same time catchy and brandable. If you want to invest in this blog and monetize it, then you should really choose a great name. There is no rush to it, but if you overthink it you might end up not liking any idea. Keep it short and easy to pronounce, if you want it to become popular.

Use a Web Hosting Service

Web hosting is essential for your blog since it makes it accessible by storing everything you want on it and showing it to your visitors. Without it, you can’t set up the blog or use the domain name you chose. It is important to choose a good web hosting service if you want to make sure everything runs smoothly on the domain.

Install WordPress

This is the step most people dread, especially if they’re not familiar with the technology. If you choose the Bluehost web hosting service, for example, the installation will only take a couple of minutes. Other web hosting services also offer a clean and easy installation, and most times you will find a button on the Control Panel with which you are able to do so.