Start a Business right from the comfort of home


With the internet and world wide access that’s readily available, there’s no reason why anyone can’t make a lucrative, full-time income doing what they love. Furthermore, it’s easier than ever to start a business right from the comfort of home. If you’re a budding laptop entrepreneur and the concept of working with fashion excites you, consider opening your own online vintage clothing shop. One of the benefits is that the start-up costs don’t need to be exorbitant and you can grow with your business at your own pace.

In order to see success with this shop, consider implementing a few steps.
1. Sourcing
Sourcing is one of the fun parts. This is when you get to go to local vintage stores and find the best-looking items. It’s important to make sure you find pieces at a discounted rate so you can resell them and make a profit. A great place to regularly visit is an estate sale. Estate sales are normally advertised in the local newspapers. Learn how to keep your eye out for great deals and keep an ear to the ground.

2. Display
Once you haul back your best items, it’s important to make sure they look presentable for display. If any items need to be washed, dry cleaned or spruced up, make sure to complete these steps before displaying. While it may be ideal to have a model take pictures in all the fun pieces, that may not always be feasible. When you don’t have a model available, a dress form is easily a great option. Make sure to get quality pictures, as these will be displayed online.

3. Marketing
Not only should you maintain a great website that will attract customers to your shop. You need to have a strong marketing presence. Good marketing allows others to know your shop even exists. Social media is a dynamic place to start. Start with an app like Instagram. Use the most popular fashion hashtags to start trending. Consistently add lots of high-quality pictures and before long, you’ll attract your ideal customer to the shop.

4. Payments
One of the main components of going into business involves collecting money. You need to maintain an efficient and credible system to collect money. If your system is confusing or sketchy, this will turn customers off and you’ll lose business. Take your time to research online shopping carts and reputable companies other online retailers use. It’s better to pay a pretty penny for this portion of the process and get it right. The hassle involved with correcting a glitch with the payment system isn’t worth it. Invest in a quality payment processing system and save yourself an unnecessary headache.

There are more details involved when you’re looking to start your own online vintage clothing shop. These four steps are the basics you’ll need to implement to get started. As long as you’re consistent in mastering these four strategies, you’ll be able to experience growth and success within your online business.