Should Startup Owners Get an MBA?

masters in business

According to a recent article posted on Forbes, a lot of today’s most successful startups, including companies like OKCupid, Yelp, and Zynga, are started by MBAs from top business schools. While having a master’s degree in business administration is not the ingredient that will guarantee a startup’s success, having people with the skills and expertise taught during the program certainly increases the company’s chances of success.

So, should you as a startup owner get an MBA? Should the company recruit more people with an MBA degree? That is what we’re going to find out in this article.

More Than a Degree

It is not surprising to note that there are a lot of important business skills students can pick up while studying for an MBA. There are also more courses and programs to choose from, including the best online MBA programs from universities such as the Northeastern University.

These skills will help you as a startup owner tackle some of the most challenging tasks of starting a company. When you need to go deep into big data analysis and understand your customers, for instance, you will have the expertise to do so without a problem.

It is also worth noting that research and data analysis skills are among the skills taught in business schools. These skills will also help startup owners understand market changes and make critical decisions based on valid information.

It’s the Perfect Place to Start

It is also not a secret that many of today’s most successful startups were started while the owners complete their master’s degrees, particularly their MBAs. The campus environment is the perfect place to start a new startup, especially since there are a lot of potential co-founders to work with.

The same can be said for online courses. While the courses are conducted through an online learning platform, students can still get in touch with each other and work on assignments or study together. This opens up the possibility of working together on a startup or an idea.

Let’s not forget that many MBA programs are also run by top lecturers with a lot of real world experiences, which means as a startup founder you can get a lot of help and insights from your lecturers as well. There is no better place to start than in this type of environment.

The Network that Counts

One last factor to take into considerations when considering an MBA degree as a startup owner is the network you will be building as you complete the course. Many of your fellow students will go on to become some of the best business practitioners in the future. Some may even already be filling important positions in banks and other institutions as they take the AACSB online MBA. With a network this good, you have a much higher chance of success with your startup.

So, do you need an MBA? There is no reason why you shouldn’t find a good program – or online course – to join and start your pursuit of excellence today.