Startup owners often find themselves under a lot of stress; you might feel that way too. There is a lot of pressure and challenges to overcome as the owner of a growing business. Regardless of the state of your company, one thing should never be neglected: your health. According to the University of Arizona and its MSN online program, there is a growing risk of developing chronic conditions, especially among those who live a rather unhealthy lifestyle.

Diabetes is one of the chronic conditions to anticipate. Bad eating habits and older age are considered to be the primary causes of type 2 diabetes. Obesity is another factor that causes chronic cases of diabetes. The good news is, these factors can be avoided. You can take active steps to lower your risks of diabetes by exercising more and switching to a healthier diet.

Take the time to read more about diabetes and how it can be avoided from the full infographic, Understanding Chronic Conditions: Diabetes by the University of Arizona.