Why Startups Should Insist on Better Wifi Access for Everyone

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A few years ago, there has been much discussion about the pronouncement of the right to broadband Internet access as a universal human right. With staying connected online being pretty much a necessity nowadays, this declaration doesn’t come as a surprise.

That said, we’re not saying that today’s startups should pay to have wireless broadband solutions installed in every unconnected area. What startups can do is to join the clamor for better Internet access everywhere, especially rural areas, because it’ll benefit them in the long run. Altruistic rationales aside, here’s three more reasons why:

  • It can help boost ecommerce, letting you compete with bigger names in the industry.

It’s pretty simple, really: more people having access to the Internet means more potential customers for your business. That’s because someone living on the other side of the country can visit and order from your website. Your business is not constrained by geography and so you have more opportunities for growth.Reaching out to more consumers is especially true for those living in rural areas that may not be readily served by bigger stores. Instead of driving out to downtown just to purchase a much-needed item, people can just order what they need off the Internet—from websites such as the one you own.

  • It offers better access to information.

Who doesn’t want more informed consumers? After all, a better-informed consumer would be easier to work with. He or she won’t ask questions that could have been readily answered by just checking your website’s FAQ section. There would also be no harebrained requests worthy of being featured on reddit’s Tales from Tech Support.

An informed consumer will have a greater knowledge of what he or she wants from your company and won’t make impossible demands. On top of that, this access to more information can help bolster your reputation. Online reviews of your product, which are made by customers themselves, can add credibility to your brand, especially if it’s just new to the market.

  • It also offers your customers better access to help.

Of course, despite your best efforts, your consumers may need your help at some point. For example, an item that they purchased is malfunctioning. Despite following your online troubleshooting guide to the letter, the problem is still not fixed. Hence, there’s a need to get in touch with your customer support team for additional assistance.

With a reliable Internet connection, they can simply go online on social media and talk with your team to look for solutions to the problem. This definitely beats waiting for minutes on a landline phone to ask a single question; it’s more efficient for you and for your customer.

Of course, these are just three fringe benefits that startups can get when better wireless broadband solutions are made available to more people all over the world. At the end of the day, faster and cheaper Internet means more opportunities for people to connect, communicate, and work together to create a better world.