Steps To Follow For Amazon TV Stick Device


Amazon FireStick is no longer just a streaming stick that plugs into the back of your HDTV and allows you to watch content from various Amazon sources and others.

Apart from TV series and movies, people can now access video games directly from the internet as well. Moreover, devices like Amazon Fire TV support APK files that users can download from various different repositories and then install them. That holds true not just for Android applications but for video games as well.

This is also the number one factor why so many young people are buying Amazon Fire TV Stick devices. They want to play video games and they want to play them on the go.

.Step 1: Go to Settings.

First, you need to take the remote control that came in with your Amazon Fire TV Stick device and then press the Home Button. Don’t let go though. You need to have it pressed for a bit of time. After a while, your screen should show you all the settings that are available on your Amazon streaming device.

Steps 2: Get to Developer Options

You will keep using your Amazon remote in this step as well. Once you have navigated to options, you need to tap on the setting that says Device. This should take you to the screen where you can see the Developer options.

Step 3: Enable Developer Options

Now, you must enable the option that says Developer Options. Don’t so will allow you to activate Amazon Fire TV Stick’s debugging mode.

Using this mode is an absolute must if you want to play your favorite games on Amazon FireStick devices.

Step 4: Enable Apps From Unknown Sources

After you are finished with enabling Developer Options, you also need to enable Apps From Unknown Sources option. This option is, by default, disabled. You need to switch it on. Doing so will enable you to download apps from not just Google Play Store or Amazon App Store but from any reputable source.

In addition to the Apps From Unknown Sources option, you should also enable the ADB debugging mode. This will also help make life easier in the next couple of steps.

Step 5: Press Turn On Again

Once you are finished with the previous step, your Amazon device should show you a warning notification. The device will tell you to exercise caution when it comes to applications that are not available on Google Play Store or Amazon App Store.

And while that is good general advice, it is not really applicable here since you will only download APKs that you know you want on your device.

If you consider yourself to be a bit paranoid about stuff then you can always switch to default settings once you have downloaded your favorite video game.

For now, just press the button that says Turn on.

Step 6: Run the Downloader App

You need to run the Downloader application. Then you should download an app by the name of Aptoide TV.

Step 7: Configure Downloader Application.

Once you have launched the Downloader application, you need to go to options and click on Settings. From there you also need to tick the checkbox which is present in front of the text Enable Javascript.

Step 8: Input URL

If you are on the homepage of the Downloader app you should see a figure now from which you should copy the URL (the URL is ). Input the URL in the proper box and click the button that says Go. This will allow the downloader application to install Aptoide TV.

Step 9: Use Aptoide TV

Now you should have Aptoide TV on your Amazon Fire Stick device. Run the app and then input the name of your favorite Android video game. Use the search bar to do that. And that is it.

Alternative Method

Download an app called Apps2Fire from the official Amazon App Store. This app allows you to send any app on your smartphone to your Amazon Fire TV Stick-enabled HDTV.

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