Stop Before You Make That Next Investment: 5 Crucial Questions to Consider


Whether you’ve got cash to splash or you simply feel you’ve stumbled on an amazing investment opportunity, sometimes it pays more to take a step back. That is, investments typically don’t follow the rule of “the more, the merrier.”

This rings true whether you’re dealing with the stock market or insurance policies. You obviously want each and every one of your investments to boast the highest ROI possible; however, how do you realistically make it happen?

The trick is to ask a certain set of questions to look at an investment objectively before splashing too much cash. The following set of five questions are crucial to ensuring you squeeze the highest ROI out of an investment you’re thinking over.

What Can I Afford to Lose?

While we don’t want to go to any given investment thinking we’re going to lose out, accepting the reality of a potential loss will keep you level-headed with your budget. This is especially true for traders who are tempting by a huge stock opportunity but aren’t sure how much they’re willing to invest. That’s why many traders start with penny stocks to learn the ropes of investing without spending much more than their discretionary income.

In short, don’t invest in anything unless you’re willing to part with that money for good.

What Am I Going to Get Out of This?

When investing, there’s always some sort of end-goal in mind. Perhaps it’s monetary gain, or maybe it’s a sense of protection in the case of investing in a life insurance policy. Either way, you need to have a defined reason for your investment versus taking risks or throwing away money for the sake of it.

Do I Need a Second Opinion?

If you have doubts about a potential investment, sometimes talking it out with someone else can make the world of difference. Chances are you know someone who’s found themselves in a similar situation and could offer some advice. There are many cases where an investment sounds perfect in your head but talking it out can snap you back to reality.

Have I Explored My Options?

Options are always a plus for investors. This applies for traders and those shopping around for any insurance, for example, who want to make sure they’re getting the best deals possible. Taking a bit of extra time to do your research is almost always a net positive; meanwhile, be wary of any investments that seem way too time-sensitive.

Is There a Catch?

Directly related to the previous tip, any investment that seems too good to be true probably is. For example, a stock that’s being heralded as a game-changer could indeed be part of a pump and dump scheme. Similarly, a savings policy might seem incredible until you realize that you face a massive penalty for touching any cash in the account over a set period of time. Again, it pays to be patient and do your homework accordingly.

Choosing better investment requires you to stop, think and reflect before you spend a dime. While you may be tempted by a seemingly amazing offer or opportunity, these tips should be in the back of your mind before you make any major decisions.