Storage Solutions For Your Startup Business


Starting up a business is no easy feat. There’s so many moving parts; so much to think of and consider, and quite frankly one only realises they’ve forgotten an important piece to the puzzle a little too late into the game.

One of these important facets is that of storage. Whether you have an e-commerce business, or any other type of business for that matter, storage is must. You’ll either need to store inventory, files, paperwork or perhaps even hardware and tools – whatever the case may be, you’re certainly going to be faced with the need for quick, easy and affordable storage solutions.
So, what’s one to do? Well, we have some great tips on storage solutions for your start-up business; all of which are effective and highly affordable. Read on to find out the secrets to savvy storage.

Vertical Storage

Vertical storage in the form of racks or shelving is definitely the most savvy option. This is because it uses up the least amount of space, and in fact, gives you more room to store your inventory or paperwork. With floor to ceiling racks you are able to make the most out of the space you’re given, without taking up too much ground floor area. With this storage option, however, you may need to look into buying a forklift so that you are able to access the items placed on the higher shelves. Another option is renting a forklift, however, buying one is a lot cheaper in the long run, and there’s no doubt it will be put to good use. Vertical storage is much needed in a growing business – especially an e-commerce business which holds inventory. While it is a little more expensive, as you’re not just required to invest in racks and shelving, but a small warehouse/large space too; it is in the long term a savvy investment, and is certainly the ideal solution to storage for a business that holds physical inventory.You can find equipment to help you handle your inventory and storage needs online, and save money on your purchase with a Zoro coupon.


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Digital Storage

You’ll find that the need for storage does not stop at physical storage solutions. Especially as a growing business, we’re pretty certain you’ll be seeking an alternative solution to storage which does not take up physical space. When storing paperwork and documents, you’ll find that the space can quickly become cluttered, and you may even find yourself drowning in the files that are piling up around you. This is where a digital storage solution comes in. Digital storage will ensure your files are kept safe and also ensures you can keep your surrounding space free from fly away papers. In, fact, digital storage poses a much less risk than physical storage, as the files cannot go missing or burn in a fire, for example. Your files and important documents can almost always be retrieved if you use digital storage. There are various types of digital storage, such as: cloud storage (the safest), an external hard drive, and a solid state drive to name a few.


Source: GCF Learn Free

 Simple Shelving/Cupboards/Drawers

You may want to separate working files, or even inventory that you know you’ll need on a regular basis, from the rest of the stored goods. This makes things a lot easier for you and your team, as individuals won’t need to dig deep to find what they’re looking for. ‘Deep storage’ is storage of historical files and inventory that isn’t moving, while ‘surface storage’ is the simple storage of things you need or use on a day to day basis, but that still shouldn’t be laying around. The answer to this need is simple shelving, cupboards or drawers that you can erect in the office. It should be easily accessible, and certainly shouldn’t require a forklift to retrieve what’s needed. When paperwork, files or stored inventory becomes outdated, or is no longer needed, move them to the deep storage pile (vertical storage) or perhaps even digital storage where possible; and make space for more recent work and inventory.


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 Self Storage Units

If you are scratching your head thinking ‘I only have space for surface storage, where am I going to store everything else?’, then self storage is the solution for you. With self storage you won’t need your own warehouse or large space, which is a requirement for vertical storage (racks, and high shelves). Self storage means you can store all your inventory and paperwork in your own, designated unit/‘garage’, which is usually situated in a warehouse. There are many great advantages to this solution, however, you’d just need to pay rent for your unit which may turn out costly in the long run, but will certainly solve your immediate storage problem.


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