Surefire Tactics to Get More Instagram Comments


If you want to become popular in the social media space, you must ensure you profiles have many likes and comments. This is true with Instagram. Every Instagram user wishes to see many comments flowing immediately they post a photo or a video. Comments are a way of engaging your followers to ensure your content is see out there by your followers and those that are yet to follow your Instagram account.

Many brands and marketers have opted to use Instagram as their marketing channel. As a result, Instagram has grown its popularity to about 800 million active users per month and about 500 million users per day. This has seen Instagram to become as big as other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. The good thing about Instagram is that it has been designed in such a way that it has the ability to provide working instant comments.

Another amazing thing about Instagram is that its newsfeed is not sorted chronologically. This means your posts will appear at the top of the newsfeeds if only it has more comments and likes. The more engagements your posts receive when people comment, the higher the chances for it to appear higher in the newsfeed. If people comment more on your posts, it shows that your social media strategy is effective.

Although getting more comments takes a lot of commitment, we have compiled some techniques that when put in place effectively can help you get more comments on your Instagram handle. By implementing these tactics, you will also be increasing the chances of becoming more visible in the newsfeed and get known by new users thus getting more customers.

  1. Make you profile public

Making your profile public means that it is visible to your followers and everyone else, including those that are not Instagram users. You are more likely to get more comments if you have more people viewing your content. When you make your profile public you are extending your audience globally. However, it is good to note that having a public profile comes with its own negative and positive effects; therefore you should be ready for both circumstances. You should always remember that what you post is visible to a larger audience and so post something constructive that will not attract negative comments.

  1. Make use of hashtags

The reason why Instagram is a unique social media platform is because it provides users with an opportunity to employ #hashtags. In fact, the use of hashtags was first employed on Instagram. However, you should know how to use the #hashtags in the right way possible.  You can decide to create your own #hashtags or follow the trending #hashtags frequently so that you get a clue of how to create yours to boost your content visibility.  The more viral your #hashtags are the more possible you will be getting more people commenting on your posts.

  1. Post videos

People like watching videos every time. Thankfully, Instagram allows its users to create a 60 second video that can seduce followers and non-followers which is an opportunity to get more comments. Post funny and engaging videos that will make your followers to be glued to your Instagram handle to watch the videos.