Sympan is a Startup that aims to connect Brazilian producers with companies from all over the world


Before founding their first startup, partners Marcos Rossi and Rodrigo Marino were already venturing into the world of entrepreneurship and were familiar with dealing with risk. Marcos operated derivatives in international exchanges and Rodrigo had created a company to import scientific products. It was in the college of management that they met and shared similar ideas, so they decided to found Sympan.



Sympan is a Startup that aims to connect Brazilian producers with companies from all over the world. For this, Sympan has developed a system that integrates Marketplaces and international E-commerces of diverse categories, like Furniture, Electronics, Crafts etc. and allocates the products in the best marketplaces given the criteria selected, in addition, after the creation of the ads the system provides automated reports with the number of visits, financial results, results of international marketing campaigns, international stock management, among other features.

By connecting small and medium-sized producers with international sites, Sympan makes it possible for such producers to enter into international trade at a lower cost and greater efficiency than they could on their own. According to the founders, the objective of the company goes far beyond boosting the producers’ income, they intend to contribute to making Brazil a more competitive country and consequently to collaborate its development, increasing the country’s participation in international trade.

“Unfortunately, Brazil performs very poorly in international trade when compared to other developing countries. It does not have to be like this, the country has much potential to grow and improve. We want to contribute to change this reality and show that Brazil is much more than just a producer of commodities “- Rodrigo Marino.

According to the Doing Business Ranking in the category of international trade, Brazil ranks 139th out of a total of 189 countries, with export costs roughly double the Latin American average and more than six times the cost of OECD countries, such data show the extent of the problem that Sympan seeks to address. The company intends to significantly reduce high export costs by automating and utilizing artificial intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms for inventory optimization, tax calculations, international marketing and also through more intensive negotiation with international logistics companies. In addition, the company uses data from international trade to create a Big Data and apply artificial intelligence to identify potential customers and their respective locations.

The partners affirm that they experienced several difficulties in the beginning, especially in relation to bureaucracy and the lack of infrastructure for transportation of products: “We work with artisans located in the hinterland of Bahia, the lack of infrastructure to transport the pieces to the port is very expensive. final price of the product, cases like this force us to be efficient in all aspects in order to maintain a competitive price at an international level “- Marcos Rossi

In the future, Sympan aims to expand its activities to other countries in Latin America, as well as to become active in the import front, enabling international producers to access the growing Brazilian and Latin American consumer markets.