Take Your Business on the Road

trade show

What are the benefits of being a mobile business? Face-to-face marketing is more cost-effective and can lead to more direct sales or deals. It can also associate your name with popular generational trade shows, making sure that you will be recognized for years to come. Seeing what the market is like for yourself tends to be more educational than simply reading or talking about it. Not to mention, traveling can be fun.

Trade Shows

Trade shows may be the number one place to network as a business. You will be surrounded by both competitors and clients, so prioritize finding a way to stand out. Keep in mind that what goes on behind the scenes can be just as important. A smooth load in and load out can make the whole day a better success. Items such as trade show shipping containers allow you to store all of your promotional materials, set-up equipment and goods in an organized way, so you’ll never end up frantically looking for the complimentary pens.

Job Fairs

The other side of expanding your business is the on-boarding of more employees. If you are already on a trade show circuit, why not throw in some job fairs? A wide net can pull in some diverse and expert talent. These events also include the added benefit of meeting your potential new recruits in person, before even seeing their application. This can be much more fun than sifting through piles of paper. If someone stands out to you, remember to note down their name, so that you don’t forget it in the future.

Social Media

Outmoded forms of advertising, like ads on local TV stations, billboards and ads in newspapers are static and only serve one specific geographic area. They do not make sense if you are not a location-based company. If you have a national or international service area, but you don’t have the budget for these traditional forms of advertising on a larger scale, social media and the internet can be your best friend. Competent graphic design can make any social post look just as professional. Features like “boosting” can ensure that your posts are seen and improve engagement with your brand.


While on the road, the majority of your branding will either be on you or in your hand. Simple apparel with visible logos, that are easily identified with your particular industry, is best. Some form of business cards are a must- consider offering a QR code, as well, so potential clients can add your information digitally. Modern sensibility steers clear of carrying around endless paper cards. Nail down your elevator speech because you’ll need to be able to clearly and concisely communicate what it is you can offer, over and over again.


Although it may not appear to directly influence the prosperity of your company, the way in which you travel can be just as valuable. If you are well-rested and comfortable, you will be on top of your game; you are representing your brand, so your ability to communicate and charm your audience is paramount. Make sure to plan everything you can in advance, so you aren’t worrying about where you will sleep at night while you are busy closing deals. Also, remember to save all receipts and record all expenses so it can be accounted for in your taxes.

You may find that expanding your company also means expanding your reach. Hit the road and drum up some business with your own smiling face. Show off your products or services with as much gusto and glamour as you can manage. Don’t forget to follow your progress on your business Instagram, Twitter or Facebook account, so that loyal customers can feel involved no matter where they are.