If you have any book that you want to keep, let’s say a nice fiction book that’s in bad shape, or taking up too much space, then you’re the perfect candidate for book scanning. eBooks are so much more convenient, that it’s become a habit for people to digitize their books. It’s cooler to read a normal book, but it’s more efficient on an eReader. And it’s a matter of storage size as well. You can keep thousands of books on an eReader, that’s the size of a schoolbook or even less.

So how can you as an author, use this service? If you make your book into a Word file, you can modify it. Don’t need to have that fancy PrePress file, you just take the word, modify it and reprint it if you wish. Doesn’t that sound cool? This opens you up to a lot of options, ideas and opportunities. So how do you digitize your books so that they come out really nice? Simple. You take them to a book bound book scanning that scans them.

There are 2 types of book scanning services:

They are either destructive or non-destructive. A destructive scanning service is going to do exactly what it says on the tag. It destroys the book binding and digitizes the book. Good for when you do not need the book back. But if you’re going to want the hard-copy of the book back, you need a bound book scanning service, one that uses specialised book scanners which don’t hurt the book.

Whichever one you choose, think well before destroying your book. It might be cheaper, but be careful, you might want it back after that. The scanning service will also provide you with the files such as ePub of PDF. Just place your files on your iPad and import them into your eReader application and you’re done. Your very own eBooks!