Team Building – Promoting Open Communication


Effective communication is an exchange of information, views, ideas and knowledge or information so that the intended purpose or objective is met in the most effective way. It is the process by which ideas are transmitted from one person to another so that an understanding result is achieved. The most effective communication occurs when the message is well understood and when it is delivered effectively. The effective communication facilitates the process by which information is shared and acted upon by those who are receiving it.

As we live in a complex world, effective communication skills are indispensable. We need to learn how to communicate effectively so that we can understand others and influence their decisions. This skill helps us deal with issues of conflict resolution, which is highly related to our professional lives. If we are able to resolve conflicts in an effective manner, we can increase the effectiveness of the relationship between us and others. Therefore, effective communication skills are necessary for effective interpersonal relationships.

There are many people who lack good communication skills and do not communicate effectively with others. This can have a negative effect on the career of these people. If they don’t improve their communication skills, their careers will suffer because they will not be able to get the job done or accomplish the desired results.

Effective communication skills are learned through experiences. If you don’t learn them through your work experience, you can find effective workplace communication skills by participating in activities or events that foster open communication like community groups and the like. These types of activities provide an opportunity for people to practice effective communication skills without even speaking directly with each other. In order to be able to participate effectively in these activities, you must be able to speak and listen to other people. Communication barriers often occur because people are not aware of how they are communicating with each other. If they only hear words, they are unable to decipher the meaning of the messages they receive.

Another way to foster effective communication is through eye contact and listening to each other’s perspective. When people are face to face, they can see and evaluate each other’s expressions, body language, and audible intonations. With the absence of direct eye contact and listening to somebody’s voice, people are less likely to be able to assess the speaker’s emotion and internal thoughts. When you don’t understand the other person’s point of view, it can be difficult to connect with them on a deeper level. However, when you are able to empathize, you are more likely to understand the message they are trying to convey.

In conclusion, effective communication can be difficult to practice in a team environment. However, effective communication is crucial to organizational success. Team building activities help leaders develop effective communication skills, which is important for effective teamwork. Effective communication leads to open communication which promotes effective teamwork.