Ten items you need to help you brainstorm your ideas


Brainstorming helps in thinking, coming to radical solutions to the problems and in thinking pros and cons before making any decision.  It is an activity that an individual can do on its own, and a group of people can also brainstorm on any topic. If brainstorming is done among a group of various members, it helps to bring different perspectives, point of views, and it helps in coming to a conclusion and you can further take help from pinboard as well. The positive aspect of brainstorming is that there is no criticism and every idea, which may seem impractical to one is also accepted.

Brainstorming is a thinking process, and it may seem that you do not need anything to brainstorm; however, different items if provided, will help you brainstorm in an effective manner.

1.      Peaceful Environment

The environment has its effect on almost everything, even as a mundane task as thinking. Peace has different meanings for different people. Some people find sitting among trees peaceful, others find chaotic shopping malls peaceful, while some may think it is only their bedroom where they feel calm.

2.      Paper and pen

Brainstorming is a thinking process, but if you brainstorm with the help of paper and pen, you will feel you are able to think more. It helps in bringing variety, and you can think creatively too. Although even with paper and pen it still is a thinking process once you start putting your ideas on paper, it gives room to other purposes and hence different aspects of the same topic emerge from your mind.

3.      Role Model

Try to think about someone who has encountered a similar kind of problem and was able to solve it in an excellent manner. Keeping his personality in mind will help you in the generation of different solutions and ideas. It is not necessary to think exactly like him but to have him as a reference helps astonishingly.

4.      Google

In today’s age, google is a solution to many problems. Do not just focus on the first search but read from the different sources about the topic. It will give better insight, and you will get a variety of views on the topic. This holds extreme importance when you are supposed to make a decision. When you read a lot about a specific topic, you will get a better idea about the pros and cons of your choice.

5.      Peace of mind

A stressed and exhausted mind is not an ideal mind to think. You will be surprised by your own mind’s thinking ability when you have peace of mind. Before you begin brainstorming free your mind from worries and stress. For this, you can indulge in any activity that you like for a few minutes. Do cycling, gardening, listen to music, or whatever you think will help in gaining peace of mind.

6.      Boundaries

When we start thinking, we tend to lose track of time. Before we would realize we would be deep till knees in thinking for hours. It is better to set boundaries when you start brainstorming. Although putting a limit to thought is not a great idea in general, but when you brainstorm usually, you have a constraint of timings as you are either supposed to submit an assignment or are given a specific time to solve a problem.

7.      Incentive

Brainstorming is done when you are supposed to compose something on a specific topic or to devise solutions to various issues. Most of the time, the finished task in allotted time itself is a big incentive. Prior to brainstorming if you decide to treat yourself with a fancy meal or anything that you know you would enjoy, this will work as a driving force in better brainstorming.

8.      Go limitless

This is contrary to point number six; here is stating why going limitless will help you. Our brain is a very complex organ. It has the ability to perform various functions simultaneously, and thinking is one primary function of it. When you give yourself freedom, the plethora of ideas that will emerge from your thinking capacity will surprise you. Going limitless help in bringing different aspects of same topics on board.

9.      Avoid distractions

Your mobile phone could be the biggest distraction that will hinder your thinking. When you get down to brainstorming, it is better to put all those things away that can make you lose your focus. It not necessarily has to be a mobile phone, but it could be something as harmless as a jar of cookies or a packet of crisps. Sit in a peaceful environment, with a clear mind and away from distracting items and it will help you in brainstorming in a much effective way.

10.  Discussions

It may not seem effective, but discussing your topic or problems with different people helps in bringing a different view on it. Even if you are brainstorming on your own have a small discussion with an acquaintance about it. Keeping “agree to disagree” in mind listen to their perspective and try to brainstorm according to their point of view too. You do not have to go with other people’s suggestions, but it will give you a new perspective. Having said that, sometimes too many suggestions just clutter your mind, and you find yourself at a loss. SO you need to figure out what works better for you.


A thinking process does not require many movements, yet it is a very exhausting, especially when you have to think about some particular topic for longer duration; it tires you out. At times mind activities exert a person much more than the physical activities. Brainstorming helps in mind mapping, which means thinking about different options and then predicting the output. Since nobody gives negative feedback, this boosts up members confidence, and they feel at liberty to speak. However, it has been proved that brainstorming, at times, creates more problems than solutions. A peaceful environment is key to help a person think freely and creatively.