Tenets of eCommerce Web Designing You Must Know


Online shopping has become an integral part of our lives. As per the leading eCommerce report, eCommerce is expected to grow 20% faster than in 2019.  The report states the total US eCommerce sales in 2019 was $595.5 billion, which was a 14% increase than in 2018. 

Do you know eCommerce web design is the most significant element in online success? To make things easy for you, this article discusses tenets of eCommerce web design you must know. 


According to a leading eCommerce web design company, the site’s most important thing is – it should be easy to navigate.  The website should have product categories that allow you to reach the desired product without any delay.  It should also provide ample details to the visitor about the product, like dimensions, product images that allow the visitor to understand the product very well. 

Unique Design Elements 

There is intense competition in the eCommerce niche. Hence, you need a website design that stands out.  The design should be compelling and attractive that encourages visitors to browse the website.  The design can include any bold and unusual design elements that provide a unique experience to the website visitor. 

Responsive Technology 

Though you must include unusual design elements to stand out, you should not ignore the page load time.  You cannot afford to have a slow-responsive design as hundreds of eCommerce websites are ready with similar products. 

Minimalistic Layout 

It refers to removing redundant elements from the website and focusing on simplicity. Some of the minimalistic layout characteristics are carefully selected color palettes, attractive typography, ample white space, and selecting the right design elements. 

Consistent Branding 

It would help if you focused on creating a brand identity and maintaining it throughout the site.  The customers need to distinguish your brand value and exclusive offering from other websites. It would help if you focused on every design element used in the website.

Search Column

According to a leading eCommerce web design company, search functionality is the indispensable element of an eCommerce website. The eCommerce website is expected to have thousands of pages, and you cannot expect the customer to browse through hundreds of product categories to find the desired product. 

The search column is an element of user-friendliness that helps visitors find the desired product with a simple search.  Instead of forcing visitors to search in product categories or use filters, the search column should help visitors jump to the product page by typing a product name in the search column. 

Effective Product Descriptions

Purchase descriptions play an essential role in the final purchase decision. The product description should have descriptive images and videos, alluring fonts that help the buyer relate the product to his needs.  It is not necessarily about design but overall product details that increase customer’s confidence in the product. 

Safe Payment Solutions

Building trust is an essential aspect of eCommerce. It would help if you employed safe payment solutions on your website to keep customer information safe.  You can display logos of the secure payment solutions available on your website to build trust in the customer’s mind. 

Customer Reviews For Each Item

Customer reviews are essential elements of an eCommerce website.  A large number of customers are habitual of checking customer reviews before buying a specific product. If the product has several positive customer reviews, it increases their buying confidence and could end up buying the product. 


The last design principle should not be taken for granted. According to a leading mobile eCommerce report, ½ of the Internet traffic comes from the mobile website. Hence, you need to ensure the eCommerce is mobile optimized to provide the best user experience to visitors. 

To sum up, the website design can make or break an eCommerce business. Paying attention to the design principles above will create an excellent first impression on visitors that is better for your business.