The 20 Best Online Resources for Freight Brokers


The majority of products throughout the world come in contact with some aspect of the transportation and freight industry in order to arrive at their intended destination. The growth of the industry has held steady for the last several years, and it promises continued strength as more consumers take advantage of digital shopping experiences from companies around the world. These industry characteristics make freight brokers – the intermediaries between manufacturers and shippers – an important piece of the business puzzle.

While licensed freight brokers both new and old have opportunities to expand their markets and build valuable business relationships, they need the right resources to do so effectively. Below are the top online resources available to freight brokers to help them maintain a successful, profitable career in the business.

E-Books and Online Blogs

One of the most helpful online resources for freight brokers is this e-book, available for free to individuals who want to learn more about becoming a licensed freight broker in the industry. There are several steps to take in order to get off on the right foot in the business, and this powerful online resource lays out each one in easy to read and easy to follow terms.

In addition to the e-book, many blogs are available at no cost to help freight brokers better understand the state of the industry and keep up to date with recent news and best practices. This blog is a great resource for freight brokers regardless of where they are in their business progression, while this resource offers insights into freight brokerage best practices with helpful articles and videos.

Forums and Social Media

In addition to e-books and blogs online, freight brokers can gain valuable insights into other brokers’ opportunities and challenges through forums and social media outlets. For instance, there is a helpful group of industry professionals on LinkedIn that offers tips and education to brokers around the world. Similarly, Facebook offers a freight brokers group with more information posted each day. There are also several discussion forums open to brokers, including the Truckers Forum, the Truckers Report, and TruckingBoards.

Regulatory Help

The freight and transportation industry is in flux, making it necessary for licensed freight brokers to keep a pulse on the regulatory environment as well as best practices and news. Regulatory resources come in many different forms, the most notable being the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s website. Here, brokers can find an unlimited amount of information about licensing and registration requirements, regulations, and safety tips. Additionally, The Department of Transportation maintains an up-to-date online presence which can be helpful to brokers.

Education and Training

Part of being a successful freight broker is staying abreast of training and education opportunities throughout one’s career. There are several freight broker training schools – that offer courses and classes to licensed brokers around the country. Also, offers a comprehensive list of free courses offered to freight brokers.

Business Management

Freight brokers also need access to the right business management resources online. One of the most helpful is the Small Business Administration’s website, offering countless articles, templates, and guides on how to effectively run a small business. There is also a short list of business resources, covering website design to customer management, which can be found here. Freight brokers should also understand their freight broker bond or trust fund requirements for business management.


As more freight brokers come into the fold, staying competitive is key to ongoing success. Having marketing strategies that are both affordable and effective is a necessary part of doing business. Freight brokers can find online marketing help through several different resources, including this brief guide. Marketing as a freight broker is also made easier with the right load boards in use, a list of which can be found here.

Technology Tools

Finally, freight brokers who embrace technology as positioned well to succeed in their careers. However, there are many different digital solutions available to help freight brokers enhance their business models and relationships with customers, making it difficult to know which is best. The software solutions offered by Tailwind Transportation is a highly rated option, as is FreightPop, a leading TMS software. A full list of popular software and reviews can be found here.