Why every business should be doing their bit for the environment…

If you have ever worked for a company, big or small, you will know the struggle of trying to sort and keep on top of endless mounds of paper and documents. Businesses try their best to create and maintain elaborate filing systems to avoid anything getting lost in the abyss, but more often than not, documents slip through. Becoming a paperless business is a simple way to avoid all the time that is wasted trying to frantically hunt a lost document down. Aside from the time and money you could save, going paperless will hugely reduce your business’ footprint on the environment. We are all being made aware of the negative effects that we are having on the environment and these days, ignoring this fact when running a business is simply not really an option. Let’s have a closer look at some of the main reasons why becoming a paperless business should be your next move…

Boosts productivity


The first big reason why becoming a paperless business is highly recommendable is the huge amount of space and time that can be saved by no longer needing a complicated filing system to manage the storage of documents. These days, you can upload and save all documents online in one place using the ever-evolving cloud technology, such as iCloud and Google Drive. That way, if you or an employee/co-worker needs access to a document for a client, it can be searched for and found in a matter of seconds. As well as massively boosting yours and your whole teams’ productivity levels, it means that clients don’t have to wait weeks for documents to be found and posted to them – they can be emailed across almost immediately. Cloud technology makes going paperless accessible and achievable for any business of any size, as the storage fees to use such software are minimal. To go hand-in-hand with all the time that will be saved by only storing documents online, think of all the space you can free up too! Filing systems take up significant amounts of room in an office and, if not monitored efficiently, can quickly get out of hand and look unsightly. Freeing up space in an office means you can improve the look and feel of the environment and we all know how much a cluttered environment can negatively affect our mood. With the huge range of online software available now, there is really no excuse for companies to keep using tons of paper when running their business their day-to-day. Yet, sadly, there aren’t actually that many paperless businesses out there. ManSys however, are a great example of a company that strongly believes in the importance of being a paperless business and have been one themselves for six years. They offer a global trade management software, which enables businesses to manage all aspects involved in trading internationally using one efficient and accessible piece of software. Companies can complete a wide range of the tasks involved in global trade using their software, from minor things like producing correct export documentation all the way to sourcing products and quoting international clients.

Increased security

What’s more, going paperless can really improve the level of security a business has. Having important documents printed and stored in an office means that essentially they are left wide open to outsiders or even other employees without the correct authority to look at. This can threaten the security of the business, for example, in terms of finances or strategy, and clients, who put their trust in businesses to keep their details safe. The great thing about having a paperless business is that you can more easily enforce and monitor who has access to which files. All cloud technology and storage software also require passwords and/or security codes, so of course, a random internet browser would be unable to access any information even if they wanted to!

Reduce costs

This one may go without saying, but think of all the paper, ink, postage and environmental tax costs that you will save by eliminating paper from your business strategy… If all your documents are kept online your costs will reduce massively, meaning you can invest more money into other more important aspects of your business strategy, like marketing!

For the environment

We are highlighting this point last but it is actually the most important benefit of being a paperless business. You can feel proud and give yourself a pat on the back knowing that you/your business is minimising your impact on the environment. Why not start being the change that we all want to see in the world and joining the paperless business crew? Your clients will no doubt admire you for it and you can even use it as a selling point for bringing on new prospects!