The 5 Biggest Benefits Of Using Salesforce CRM


More and more organizations are using CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software to facilitate customer relationship management. This Salesforce accelerator professional software helps to maintain and develop the portfolio, focusing on the relationship. One of the most popular on the market is Salesforce CRM. You will discover the advantages of the growth of your company.

The coupling of functional areas such as customer service, marketing, sales, and account management with this ecosystem provides holistic insights into the nature of the customer.

What Is Salesforce CRM Tool?

Salesforce is the leader in the CRM Cloud market. This modular CRM – Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud can be adapted to any Startup company, SME, large company and can be modified according to the evolution of each company. Besides, its functional wealth makes it possible, whatever your sector of activity, to have a custom-made CRM by embellishing specific developments precise to your activity.

Salesforce Crm Key Points:

  • 100% customizable software
  • Multilingual solution
  • Integration with your IS (API)
  • Powerful technology with development possibilities
  • Modular = Sales Cloud, Cloud Service, Cloud Marketing

Why Have A Salesforce CRM System?

Salesforce CRM increases your productivity, It saves you time, minimizes your costs and optimizes your resources. All this is possible thanks to the automation and the rationalization of your processes. It facilitates the mobility and reactivity of your sales force and is accessible on the smartphone via the Salesforce1 application as well as on tablets.

Your sales representatives can respond in real time to the requests of their customers! This tool also gives you all the useful indicators to control your activity.

No need to manually fill out complicated spreadsheets! The CRM solution allows you to create reports and dashboards specific to your business, in a snap by simply drag and drop. Salesforce supports you in managing your business and boosts your performance. The Salesforce CRM helps you find more customers, and you can capture, analyze, prioritize and turn leads into new customers!

You can manage your marketing through your CRM application to reach more customers: Create targeted marketing campaigns tailored to your prospects to generate more opportunities and more contracts. Measure the effectiveness of your campaigns and calculate the return on investment of your shares. With your Salesforce CRM, you can organize a customer follow-up of quality to quickly answer their needs.

All your clients’ info or perhaps data is stored in one place: you keep track of your activities, keep track of your interactions, etc. With Salesforce you will ensure an increase in your opportunities and sales growth (up to + 31% more revenue).

To this end, the world’s largest cloud platform, Salesforce, offers a variety of options. In this blog post, we’ll show you the 5 biggest benefits of Salesforce.

1. Accessible To All Organizations

Most large organizations have a CRM. But contrary to popular belief, the setting up of such a tool is not reserved for large groups. SMEs can also use a CRM to manage their client portfolio: their address book is usually restricted at the beginning of the activity; the stake of a good customer relationship is all the more important! To retain customers and find new prospects, a CRM is a valuable management tool.

2. Adapted To Your Needs

Each organization has specific needs related to its size, sector of activity, type of clients, etc. It is therefore essential that the tools meet the specificities of each company. Also, Salesforce CRM offers different services, tailored to different profiles: mobile management, data sharing among colleagues, interactions with customers via social networks, etc.

Based on your requirements, you can easily add new features to the software. By building your bespoke solution, you automate much of your customer management and increase your performance. If you want to install Salesforce CRM in your organization, hire a CRM and ERP implementation company that will accompany you every step of the way.

3. Simple And Effective

The Salesforce CRM interface is easy to use and particularly ergonomic. Its purpose is to facilitate your management and save you valuable time. With these programs, you can easily get an overview of each customer or prospect. With few clicks out there, you could access the history of your interactions, order tracking, billing status, and more. In this way, much of the customer care is automated.

The use significantly reduces the administrative burden of your sales and allows them to focus on the relationship. With this information, they have all the cards in hand to contact your customers and prospects at the right period, with the appropriate pitch.

Also, this data helps you to forecast and adjust your growth strategy accordingly. Your performances will only be optimized!

4. Connected To The Cloud

Many companies are now turning to software as a service (SaaS), which is software available online. Unlike a classic version installed on a machine, a CRM available in the cloud:

  • Is easily accessible everywhere and on multiple supports
  • Can connect to other digitized services, such as social networks or online agendas
  • Has no capacity limit

Does not require maintenance on your part since it is not physically on your computer

5. Flexible And Scalable

As companies evolve, their tools must adapt as well. In particular, when a small structure grows, it is important that it can continue to use its management software. Aware of this problem, Salesforce CRM is scalable. Its multiple functions make it possible to manage a few contacts to begin, then to add more precise information on the past and future interactions, and then to supplement them with other data (invoicing, signing of documents, etc.).


Using a CRM like Salesforce, you automate some of your customer management. You reduce the administrative burden of your sales staff, in favor of a better relationship with your customers and prospects. Such a tool is therefore beneficial for the growth of your business! Salesforce helps increase customer satisfaction; It ensures optimal management of customer data to offer you a better understanding and anticipation of their needs, thus maximizing customer satisfaction.