The 5 top qualities of in-demand Team Assistants

team assistants

As a specialist provider of office support recruitment solutions, we are often called upon to source savvy, mature, polished, confident and multi-talented Team Assistants. Sometimes an organisation is looking for a Team Assistant that has the potential to grow within the organisation and become a PA or EA down the track, other times they want someone that is a career Team Assistant, just looking for the perfect fit that they can stick with for many years to come. Either way, there are 5 qualities that we have identified in high performing Team Assistants that everyone looks for!  

1. The ability to work with multiple management styles

Not an easy thing to do for many, but an outstanding Team Assistant needs to be able to adapt to the styles of the multiple people that they take direction from. Even when they have 1 particular person that they report to a Team Assistant is generally delegated to by many and that means understanding and adapting to different styles as they go about their day. A Team Assistant recruitment agency will talk to candidates about previous experiences they have had working with multiple management styles and how they went about making it work, a behavioural based interviewing technique. Most Team Assistants will have a favourite style that they enjoy working with the most, but the good ones will know how to effectively work with them all.

2. Juggling multiple balls and priorities all at once with a calm and organised approach

With multiple people to look after, it’s given that there will be multiple priorities to manage all at once for Team Assistants. Many get through the workload ok, but it’s the ones that are super organised and manage it with a calm approach that stands out above the crowd. When handling Team Assistant recruitment assignments we know that the best outcome for the hiring manager is to find a Team Assistant that will work methodically and allow their Managers to get on with their own responsibilities without concern. Quality Team Assistant recruitment involves assessing organisational skills, ability to manage stress and handle multiple tasks at once.

3. The desire to complete all tasks with the same level of energy and enthusiasm for excellence

Many Team Assistants work really diligently and professionally on tasks that are more interesting or challenging but tend to lose a little motivation for the more tedious ones. Being an Assistant means performing a wide range of duties including those that are more every day or monotonous. These tasks can include hard copy or electronic filing, photocopying, formatting documents, cleaning up the office or team room environment and data entry. High quality and super valuable Team Assistant will figure out a methodical or resourceful way of getting these tasks completed efficiently so they can have more time for the more interesting ones. Team Assistant recruitment agencies in Australia will assess their candidate’s motivation for completing all of their tasks to a high standard, efficiently and effectively.  

4. Resourcefulness – the ability to find a way to get the job done well and on time

An effective Team Assistant will find a way to get the job done, even if it’s not the easy way. Working as a part of a busy team means that there is not always the right person around to ask a question of. If that’s the case, a resourceful Team Assistant will find a way to source the right answer so that they can get on with their job and remain as efficient as they need to be. Team Assistant can be resourceful in many ways such as learning how to be a really good researcher, gaining new & required skills online, networking with the right internal and external people and taking an interest in what the people around them do in their roles.

5. Multi-skilled with a willingness to learn and build new skills, doing things in different ways

We mentioned it before, Team Assistants perform a wide variety of duties. Some of these duties require good computer skills, some require excellent written capabilities, some advanced communication and relationship building abilities – the list goes on and on. Sometimes the role will require one set of skills in the beginning, but develop and require a new set of capabilities over time. Team Assistants need to be multi-skilled already and be willing to continue to develop those skills as they grow in their role and support different people who need different things. They also need to be aware that one Manager may like a specific task complete one way and others in a totally different manner. Being open to change and variety is a must for a value-adding Team Assistant.

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