The advantages of resourcing scheduling in project management


When it comes to project management, teams can always plan and manage their time, resource and work better. Project management isn’t just for project managers either; each team member needs to be able to see an overview of the project at any given time.

For most businesses, the success of any project is tied to the motivation and ability of the project team, as well as the tools they use to resource their time and materials. If you’re having a difficult time resourcing a project correctly, we have some ideas how you could keep your team on track to meet the deadline.

Use project management software

 Managing resources is difficult enough without doing it by hand. Luckily, there are a number of tools that can help you.

Although it’s always tempting, your first port of call shouldn’t necessarily be a spreadsheet. It can seem like an attractive option as it’s a very cost-effective solution, particularly if you use something like Google Sheets. Although it does give you the ability to collaborate in real-time on the project plan, it has a steep learning curve to get the full benefit out of it and it can be difficult to create reports. In addition to that, it’s just plain ugly!

Instead, the right tool for the job – project management software – gives you the right tools to make your job as a project manager easier. The right project management software helps you manage the people involved in the project, tasks required to be completed, as well as giving you dedicated resource scheduling tools which assist in getting the project over the line.

The benefit of project management software is that is visualises every element of the project, give you an overview of what tasks team members are assigned to, which makes it harder for tasks to overlap, as well as the ability to manage their availability. The reporting capabilities of project management software also allows you to keep an eye on resource utilisation rates.

Why is resource planning important?

 Managing resources will make or break your project. It doesn’t matter how well planned it is, if you don’t resource correctly you will quickly find yourself down a dead end of delayed deadlines and increasing costs.

Strategically using your resources will allow you to meet your deadlines and costs, as well as giving you flexibility to make changes on-the-go, reacting to the ups and downs of any project.

One of the benefits of resource management that may not be immediately obvious is how it creates a collaborative atmosphere within the project team. Matching tasks to the skill set of the individual team members engaged and motivated to finish the project. Managing individual resource also allows you to divide the work equally, ensuring that nobody burns out from overwork.

Can your business benefit from resource management?

 Resource management shouldn’t be an impossible task. When you implement project management correctly, it should diffuse throughout the team, increasing reliability, productivity and delivery. Since projects are usually temporary endeavours, project managers often work in a world full of unknown ups and downs. Therefore, resource management and planning should continue throughout the project lifecycle.