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When you think of a media agency, it’s probably some upmarket establishment in the heart of Camden.

Everyone has a hip beard and skinny jeans (even the women), and they love nothing more than discussing craft beers and avocados. Chances are there’s a quote from Charles Bukowski on the wall of their reception area and a selection of Fairtrade chocolates on their meeting room table.

These people are undoubtedly talented at their jobs – but they also cost the same price as a small army.

And let’s face it – if you’re an SME, do you really need to be shelling out exorbitant rates on the world’s finest content teams?

It’s a consideration that few businesses make, and it’s partly why regional media agencies are left out in the cold.

That’s why this article exists to bust a few myths that’ll save you cash. Whether it’s a SEO agency in Yorkshire or a content marketing team in Dundee, take a look and see why choosing a smaller media agency could directly benefit you.

You’ll be a big fish in a small pond

Being the biggest client at an agency means you’ll be that company’s sweetheart forever, having as much attention as possible lavished over your account.

That’s a difficult position to reach if you’re in a huge media agency, but relatively easy if you choose an SME.

Just be sure to flex your muscles every now and again to get the most from your payments.

Your rates will be lower

As we pointed out in the introduction, London-based media agencies will make you pay for good product. But with smaller agencies come significantly reduced overheads. And while you’ll have fewer members of a team at your disposal, you’ll still receive a great service.

You’ll find workarounds

Smaller budgets naturally means that less can be done month-on-month. But most smaller media agencies have figured out ways to provide you with the same great content for a cheaper price.

Being an SME is about finding workarounds for potentially expensive processes, and an effective content marketer knows how to make a budget stretch as far as it can.

You won’t be tricked by glamour

A dazzling social media campaign is one thing – but it doesn’t mean much without effective engagement and clicks onto your site.

A behemoth of an agency is, of course, able to provide the kind of product that looks good, but smaller agencies have to rely on stats over aesthetics.

That means detailed Google Analytics reports, in-depth knowledge of your organic search traffic and many other metrics that will show you how content marketing is affecting your bottom line.

This is the unsexy stuff that people often overlook – but it should be the beating heart of any effective content marketing campaign.

And that’s our list! Can you think of any other tips we’ve missed out? Are you a content marketer who wants to chip in their two cents? Then let us know in the comments below