Textbooks sit on a shelf at the Chegg Inc. warehouse in Shepherdsville, Kentucky, U.S., on Thursday, April 29, 2010. No more $120 chemistry books. That's the message from textbook-rental service Chegg Inc., which is urging college students to stop paying top dollar to buy their tomes. Photographer: John Sommers II/Bloomberg via Getty Images

If you have a plan to start a business, you may choose to rent textbooks as your new business. It is a good business, especially if you love to read and you have a lot of books at home. There are several reasons why you have to start this business right away.


Renting textbooks can be a profitable business because some people choose to rent a book they want to read instead of buying it. They tend to do it, especially if they only need the books temporarily. The cost of renting a book is cheaper than buying it.

You Don’t Lose the Books

The benefit of renting textbooks is that you don’t lose books. As a book lover, you don’t want to lose your favorite books, right? At the same time, you need money for your daily life. The best option is by borrowing those books to the people who need it. Just imagine how much money you can earn from this business? The most important thing, you don’t lose the books because they will back to you after 3 or 4 days.

People Need It

Have you ever count the total of money you have spent to buy all the books? Indeed, the price of textbooks is very expensive. This is the reason why people or students tend to rent textbooks instead of buying them. This is a kind of an opportunity for you to help those people by borrowing your textbooks. In the end, you can make money from your used books.

Easy to Do

If you think starting a book rental service is difficult and hard to do, you are wrong. Nowadays, you can use the internet to support you. Even, you don’t need to build your own virtual library or store. You just need to find a trusted online library which offers payable rent textbooks service. You just need to upload the books there and let the borrowers find your books. You will be paid for rented books. Indeed, making money from your used books is very easy to do today.

Simple and Fast Business

It is a fast business to do because you don’t need to prepare anything! Just prepare the used books, that’s it! Then, you have to let your friends or colleagues know that you are starting a rent textbooks business. Show them the list of the books they can borrow and they will borrow the books they need most. You are not only making money from the business but you also help people who really need the books. Definitely, as a book lover, you will be happy because someone gets a valuable thing from your beloved books.

So, what you are waiting for? This information explains to you how easy to start a rent textbooks business. You also understand about the benefits you can get from the business. It is a very interesting and fun business because you get more than just money from the rent textbooks business. It is a profitable business and you can keep the lovely books as long as you want because you don’t sell them.