The Benefits of Working for a Global Company


U.S.-based companies offer some leverage regarding an employee’s ability to grow within the ranks. However, professionals who want to expand their horizons, broaden their professional reach and increase their potential on a more significant scale will find that global companies provide several significant benefits in the professional realm as well.

Notable Global Employers

There are many companies that offer global opportunities to business professionals. Mail service DHL, tech company Google, and Amway, a leader in beauty and health products, all allow employees to work from nearly anywhere across the globe. Even if you have to move, you can still stay part of each company’s team.

H&M stands out as a global company that gives its employees the ability to learn new skills. For example, recently in the Netherlands, H&M employees had the chance to style actors and work on set as extras in films. Unique opportunities like this allow for significant professional development and can make employees more versatile.

Exposure to Different Cultures

The simple fact that employees of global companies are exposed to different people from different backgrounds on a daily basis allows them to learn new customs, traditions, and ways of working they wouldn’t learn in a smaller company.

Exposure to Real World Situations

You can’t learn every skill you need in an office setting. Especially if you’re working for a U.S.-based company that only engages with U.S. clients and partners. With a multinational company, you can learn how companies operate, at different levels, in each region of the world the company operates in. You are exposed to people from different cultures and backgrounds, forcing you to reevaluate the way you see the world. And, you’re always on your toes, learning new terminology, business practices and techniques to develop the company and yourself as a professional.

Becoming an Integral Part of the Organization

Working for a multinational company allows employees to become a greater asset within the organization. For example, employees who are willing to travel abroad or move are more likely to gain more exposure and greater opportunities to develop. Employers will afford these employees with greater responsibilities, and this allows employees to build integral relationships with business partners worldwide. Eventually, this can lead to employees achieving a higher status within the organization, and job security because they are essential to the company’s culture.

Opportunities to Develop Professionally and Personally

Global companies afford professionals a great deal of leverage in their career choice and opportunities. The freedom to move to different regions of the world, work with powerful industry leaders and learn the ranks from the top-down are just some of those benefits. Whether it’s tech, finance or any other industries, experienced professionals shouldn’t limit themselves to working solely in the U.S.

Broadening your horizons and working for a global company can provide new challenges, help you grow and allow you to grow professionally in ways you couldn’t while working for a smaller company. Plus, the liberty to travel, experience new cultural thrills and even new cuisines are some of the great opportunities employees working for large, multinational organizations will appreciate.