The Big Expansion: How to Prepare Your Ecommerce Site for More Orders


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A rise in customer orders is a good sign that your ecommerce site is reaching more potential customers. You are doing things correctly and that steady climb – or a sudden spike – is a sign that your ecommerce business is ready for the next set of challenges.

At a certain point, sticking with the existing workflow you have isn’t going to be enough. When you have hundreds – or even thousands – of orders to deal with every day, you need to improve the workflow itself to remain effective.

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to prepare. Spot the signs of a sustainable growth early and begin making the following preparations:

Better Supplies and Manufacturing

The first challenge you want to tackle is to maintain a steady supply of goods to sell. The last thing you want is disappointed customers asking when their orders will be shipped. As the demand for your products grows, your ability to manufacture or stock those products need to be expanded as well.

Expanding your manufacturing capacity isn’t always easy. There is always a big battle between keeping the production line effective and investing in more machinery and workers. You can, however, find that sweet spot and expand the manufacturing line gradually.

It is also a good idea to find third-party manufacturers you can turn to when there are spikes in demand. Being able to order a large number of products over a short period of time will help your business capitalize on market growth without making big investments.

Shipping and Handling Prowess

Manufacturing is only the beginning. Aside from producing the goods, you also need to be able to pack and ship products quickly. You can start by adding more packing supplies to your inventory. You may also want to work with packaging manufacturers in bringing automated packing and sealing machines into your shipping line.

Don’t forget to check – and double-check – your shipping partner too. The courier needs to be able to handle the same spike in demand as well as the steady growth in the number of packages you ship through them. Now is also the time to negotiate a better deal on shipping; you can reduce your shipping costs substantially when you have more packages to deliver.

Improve Customer Service

One last thing that many ecommerce businesses often neglect is customer service. You have to remember that more customers mean higher chances of mistakes being made; these mistakes will lead to complaints from customers.

Boosting your ability to deal with customer complaints is a must. After all, customer service is an inseparable part of the customer journey and experience. Good customer service will win more customers. It is exactly what you need to maintain a steady rate of business growth.

Aside from adding more customer support officers, make sure you also invest in training programs and employee developments. These are little details to focus on, but they are details that could alter your customers’ experience altogether.

Make these preparations and you will not have to worry about dealing with more customers and higher demand. You will have the ability (and capacity) to take your ecommerce business to the next level.