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The Business Benefits of Using Continuous Inkjet Printers

For some businesses, printing is simply a daily task that keeps the business moving forward. For others, the importance of high-quality printing can’t be understated. Whether it’s creating eye-catching marketing materials or regulatory compliant labels, printing is the core of essential processes.

Continuous Inkjet Printers are the cream of the crop when printing plays an integral role in your business. Suppliers like Markem Imaje have long been relied on for priority printing needs.

Here’s what you need to know about CIJ printing for your business, and how to choose supplies you can rely on.

What is a Continuous Inkjet Printer?

First, it’s helpful to know what a CIJ printer is and how it works. A CIJ printer is a non-contact printer that distributes ink through a highly pressurized nozzle. The tip of the nozzle vibrates at a high frequency to break the stream into individual droplets, which are charged through undulating electric fields. 

The charged particles are then repelled in such a way that controls where they land on the printing surface, while excess ink is recycled through the printer again.

This is an oversimplification of a highly scientific, technological process. It’s worth noting that the technology has remained mostly unchanged over the past fifty years, with innovators like industry-leader Markem Imaje making slight adjustments to improve the results. 

The Pros of Continuous Inkjet Printers

When it comes to labeling packaging and shipping details, nothing beats a CIJ printer. Here are some of the compelling pros of using this technology.

Compatible Markem Imaje Ink

Investing in a CIJ printer is costly. While it’s worth spending extra to get a Markem Imaje printer, being able to keep it stocked is a challenge for some businesses.

Fortunately, there are plenty of accessible, compatible Markem Imaje ink options to restock your printer. These are designed carefully to match the printer model specs and promise consistent results (source: https://www.needham-ink.com/inkjet-inks/continuous-ink-jet-inks/imaje/).

High Durability

CIJ printing is built to withstand the elements. Consumer traceability regulations and supply chain management practices require that modern manufacturers include traceable data on their packaging. This could be anything from the best before date to a lot number. 

CIJ ink can withstand temperature inconsistencies, contact, and even high-pressure washing.

Printing Speed

Time is money when it comes to business, and you don’t want your production floor to be slowed down by printers. CIJ printing is as fast as it gets without compromising quality, keeping your business moving forward efficiently. 

Clarity and Quality

The micro-particles of ink and contactless approach to printing yield beautiful results. With CIJ printing, you don’t need to worry about blurry information. You can trust that each label or lot number will be clear and easy to read.

Quick Drying

In addition to printing quickly, CIJ ink is known for drying rapidly as well. This aspect of the printing process is essential for reducing the need for expensive redos, as well as keeping processes streamlined. 

As mass label printing often results in printed materials being stacked or brushing against each other, the importance of near-instant drying capabilities cannot be understated.

Versatility and Adaptability

While CIJ printers can be used for paper or thermal labels, they aren’t limited to traditional printing surfaces. Not only can a CIJ effectively print on plastic, wood, glass, or any other material, but it can also adapt to unusual shapes. 

For example, a CIJ printer can print evenly and proportionately on the curve of a plastic pill bottle. A CIJ printer could also print on the side of a large metal medical monitor with equally reliable results.

If printing plays a central role in your business, you would be remiss in choosing something other than a Continuous Inkjet printer. Work with suppliers to find a high-quality replacement ink, and you’ll be ready for anything.

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