The Easy Way to Check if Your Page is SEO Optimized!


Let’s cut right to it – you don’t need to invest thousands in a team of SEO professionals to get a decent idea about whether your web page (or whole site!) is optimized for SEO.

You will likely need those pro SEO wizards to revamp your engagement figures or to leap up the rankings, but the first step is straightforward.

If you know you’ve got work to do to enhance your digital performance or improve your brand awareness, SEO is undoubtedly your primary challenge.

We’ll run through how you can verify if your page is well-optimized and what you can do once you have that baseline data point – it’s pretty powerful, after all!

Choosing a Great SEO Optimisation Analysis Tool

Wherever you operate in the business space, turning your attention to your SEO means it’s crunch time for making those web pages work harder.

The problem for millions of businesses isn’t that they don’t get the value of SEO; we’re all familiar with how vital organic search traffic is to growth!

It’s that the quality of an SEO checker varies wildly.

What to Avoid in Online SEO Optimisation Checkers

Some of the pitfalls include:

  • Conflicting reports – in short, you want to know how you stack up against the competition; that’s it. Unfortunately, many reports are overly complex and can feel too cluttered to sort out what information is truly important.
  • Vague outcomes – the best on-page SEO analysis tool makes it simple. Check out PageOptimizer Pro’s Free On-Page SEO Checker: you enter in your page URL and get a percentage score, with a report of 80% or more indicating that your page is already well-optimized when compared to its competitors. Any less, and there’s work to do.
  • Lack of guidance – a report showing excellent SEO analysis, but with zero direction is only worth so much. Outstanding on-page SEO checkers will link out to additional services that offer recommendations on how to refine your page, so you can make the necessary adjustments, then re-run the report and watch your optimization score climb. 

Now that we know what doesn’t work, let’s think about what does – and how to leverage SEO optimization reporting to transform your digital presence.

How Useful is a Free SEO Checker?

Sure, we’re all a little suspicious of any free business tool – but some offer serious value.

There’s usually the option to set up an account and utilize paid services to keep driving up your SEO performance if you like what you see and want more!

Every page doesn’t necessarily need a massive SEO revamp but most can benefit from targeted tweaks. 

To get meaningful results, the key is to know precisely where your optimizations are hitting the gold standard and where your competitors are edging ahead.

What Does an On-Page Optimization Tool Do?

Heading back to PageOptimizer Pro, the On-Page Optimization tool we mentioned before, here are the features you get:

  • Direct comparisons with top-ranked competing businesses.
  • Accurate, clear reports showing how good your optimization is.
  • Detailed suggestions on how to optimize your page, so you can outrank the competition.
  • Page structure recommendations, so you can build the kind of page Google would want to rank.

We love the top-ten competitor comparison ranking; you can enter any search terms or specific long-tail keywords that you want to rank for on Google and see exactly what kind of page you’d need to build in order to compete with them, including everything from the total word count, to the number of headings and even what specific words you should use!

While you don’t need to go with POP as your On-Page tool of choice, it is a great industry standard when it comes to SEO On-Page tools and features. If you’re looking at other options, make sure they come with the same features POP does, or you could be missing out. 


On-page optimization is critical for businesses looking to grow their organic traffic. If you’re not sure where to target your SEO efforts, it’s a great place to start; it’s fast, direct, and doesn’t cost a cent.

If you’re planning a complete off-page technical SEO project, then it’s also a  good starting point, as it can be helpful to know that your On-Page SEO fully up to speed. 

Using a  free On-Page SEO checker tool is an ideal way to quickly see which of your pages are well-optimized and which still need work. Then you can make the jump to more complete On-Page tools, if you decide that’s the best way to develop your site’s SEO.