The era of chatBots


Chatbots are the new trend. There has been a fantastic rise in the number of users of bots. It has been finding its emergence in every field, from pleasure chatting to business communication. Bots are found to help boost revenue and bring down the costs. Chatbots are believed to conquer the online business. The Oracle report underlines this. It states that by the year 2020, about eighty percent of online companies will rely on these chatbots instead of apps.

Now some of you might be stuck with a few questions. What are bots? Why are they used? What are its benefits? Read on know more about this.

What is a Bot?

A chatbot is messaging automated software. It works based on artificial intelligence.

It is used to converse with people. The software is programmed to interpret the meaning of a question and provide corresponding answers to it. It is also meant for undertaking and executing specific tasks.

For more than a decade, the chatbot has been showing up. Currently, they are seen on many platforms in online media. From the webpage to social media and apps, you can see it in one form or another.

For long, the chatbots have been gaining increasing popularity. This accounts for the advantages that they have.

What paved the way for the rise in customer preference?

The benefits of using a bot are the reason for the sudden change in the minds of people. People have started preferring the chatbots over other messaging apps. So, what are the advantages? It is listed and detailed in the following excerpts.

  • User-friendly software

Indeed, chatbots are made such that they are interactive and user-friendly. The user can handle and use the software quite quickly and effortlessly. User-friendliness is one of the most desirable features of any software. Chatbots are easily accessible and can be controlled very easily.

  • Time-saving

The software interprets the queries of the customer and gives suitable responses quickly. There is no time lag which costs the customer much of his/her valuable time. In this busy world, where none has time to stand and stare, it is evident that the people prefer time-saving software over the others.

  • Easy in operation

Working with a chatbot is quite easy as it is easier than downloading an app or instead of opening one. In other cases, you have to ring up someone or wait until a webpage gets loaded. It is only after the big wait that you can finally put down your queries.

Even then, you will have to wait for long minutes or sometimes hours to get a response, which may not always satisfy you. Here is where chatbots come to help. It is quick in action. You need to type a text as your message to a friend. The software is programmed for quick responses, and it can give you suitable replies to your queries and statements.

Thus, it can be concluded that chatbots are undoubtedly a great help from the customer’s point of view.

What is a Facebook messenger bot?

The advantage of chatbots is that it comes along with software. Most of the most popular and prevalent software do have this feature installed in them. The result is the people will use at least one of these. Thus, anybody who has that app in their devices can conveniently use this chatbot feature without requiring to download a new app altogether.

Facebook messenger is one of the most popular apps that are present in most user’s devices. Reports say that during every month, about 1.3 billion individuals use this app called a Facebook messenger. As you might have already guessed, The chatbot software is available in this app.

 Messenger bots have been widely used for online businesses. It is a win-win situation for both the marketers as well as customers. For marketers, it is an economical way of reaching out to consumers. It also enables them to give correct and timely responses to their clients. The advantage is that their product might look good in the eyes of the customer.

On the other hand, if the seller engages customer care with trained professionals, it requires investment. Chatbots costs much lesser than these several professionals. Al, not every time they can handle it well. They have vulnerable times. The outcome is that your customer is not well-served. This brings you loss as there are chances that you lose even the most productive clients.

Concluding note

Using chatbots, none of the human errors creep in it. As they handle no emotions, none of your customers go unserved due to this. If your developer can program it well, then much than you think is that it can do to the online marketer in you.

For the customer, he/she gets to know more about these products. They can raise their queries from anywhere at any time. Indeed, that makes it a lot more attractive and accessible to the clients.