The Founder’s Guide to Working With Web Designers


You’ve set up your own company. Great. Now what? The next step is to make its presence felt in the virtual world. What you’ll need is a web designer. Here are a few ways to help yourself in your interaction with the web design Singapore scompany.

  1. Believe in your company- a web designer works with the information you provide them. Unless you have conviction in your company and what it stands for, you will not be able to convince the designer, who in turn, will not do justice to your website. Step one is to know about your company and to keep the faith in it.
  2. Know your mind- web design Singapore are creative folk with great ideas but you run the risk of their influencing you easily too. Go into any discussion with the designer with a clear picture in your mind about what you want. Tell them specifically about your likes and dislikes. Explain which part of your business presented on the website is essential and needs to come first. Tell them what colour choices you’d prefer and the overall look and feel that you want to project. Knowing your mind will help the designer too.
  3. Find someone with work experience- you might be tempted to go with a family member or a friend. If they have experience and know the business, then go right ahead. If not, you’d do well to choose someone who is in the know of things. A professional web design Singapore company with good, solid experience will almost always work better than a rank novice. Remember, you’ve founded the company and you need to grow your brand. All eyes are on you and these first couple of days are vital to set the pace. If you have a good website, it will help cement your name and reputation from day 1.
  4. Keep track of documentation- emails will go to and fro between your company and the web design Singapore firm. Keep on top of things. This includes the many design options, drafts of points, inclusions and exclusions, and any feedback given or taken. This will help you understand the way the work is progressing. Any trouble shooting can happen then and there.
  5. See where you can save many- budgeting for a website can be an expensive proposition. There are some ways by which you can help yourself. Write your content and then send it to the web design Singapore team to tweak, for example. Choose simple website infrastructure and design to minimise costs there too.
  6. Don’t argue about the essentials- you could write your content, but the designer could make it more search engine friendly. You could give them ideas, but the team may know what makes the market tick. Certain things are better left to the experts. Yes, as a founder you feel very strongly about your company and what it has to offer. But arguing about something that’s not your area of expertise is futile and counter-productive. You’ve done your part. Now let the designer do theirs.
  7. Create a cordial relationship- chances are that you’ll need the services of the designer in the future too. Build a good relationship with the person who gives your business an identi