The Iconic 3D View-Master


It is rare today that a modern blockbuster film does not come out without a 3D version. It can be seen as a renaissance of similar features from the 1950s; the 3D entertainment can be attributed to the stereoscope, which transformed into a modern novelty by the famous View-Master. Like the 1980s videotape, the tape and the 3d Custom viewer opened a window into the realm of the entertainment world. At first, this stereoscopic experience consisted mostly of travel images and photos (3D postcards), and over time it expanded to include children’s stories, Disney characters, and TV shows.

How does View-Master create 3D images?

The principle of View-Master, a semi 3D entertainment experience, is at the heart of their entire vision. Stereoscopic viewer- it is quite a simple device that asks you to see photographic depth by crossing your eyes. The 3D-custom View-Master companies have used this technique since the 19th century. All that is needed is a necessary optical effect that the brain learns early when our eyes look at two images from slightly different angles; we combine them into a single perception.

How does 3D View-Master Work?

You place the stereoscopic photo reel at the top of the View-Master, and the trigger on the side rotated the coil so you can admire the future through 3D images of places you’ve never heard. It dates back to 1939 and has hardly changed over the years.

View-Master Popularity.

The popularity of View-Master Reels has been found in nearly every toy store and department store, as well as in theme park gift shops. The original postcard tour of these 3D movies has been released in millions of View-Master photos, videos in hundreds of themes. It’s amazing how almost any viewer can use the 1939-2009 films. Today, dozens of websites and resale websites, e.g., E Bay offers many of these different reels (usually sold in three sets of 21 images) as well as various devices (viewers, projectors, kits) to the View-Master line.

Evolution of 3D View-Master

The Talking View-Master electronic 3D viewer was a device for viewing stereoscopic images of movies accompanied by sound. View-Master International introduced it in 1984. It was a development of the previous talking View-Master introduced in 1970 by GAF. It used a small, transparent phonograph disc attached to a View-Master reel.

How to create a custom 3D reel?

The 3D custom View-Master will make a great gift or keepsake for any occasion. You can also create your reel and enjoy it with View-Master.

•        Upload your images using the online Reel Build tool

•        Choose seven of your favorite photos and crop them, change their color, etc.

•        Caption your 3D-reel

•        When the reel is full, place it in the cart and place your order.

First introduced in 1939, the View-Master quickly became a popular toy and pop culture icon. Whatever your age is, the View-Master is probably somewhere in your bedroom or your friend’s. The famous red glasses are a lot of fun for children- didn’t cost much and is a lot of fun. View-Master has undergone several changes in recent years; now, it operates as a virtual reality company.