The importance of design in digital workspaces


It’s been not so long ago since the workers of most tech companies switched to using IT sources like smartphones, PCs, tablets, and laptops to get their work done faster and more effectively. As a result, people nowadays widely benefit from various digital resources that amplify and optimize their work.

These digital resources make up a digital workspace. What the heck is this? A digital workspace can be referred to as a virtual equivalent of a physical workplace and something comprising all the necessary technological tools that enable users to work remotely at any time.

The productivity and quality of work done in a digital workspace are contingent on some essential conditions and factors. Yes, one of the most critical of them is design. The way the workplace looks is drastically important whether it’s a physical or virtual one.

People are deeply prone to being influenced by the design of their workspace and thus are believed to produce more impressive results when there are no so-called irritants and distractions in the workspace, particularly in a digital one. Therefore, designing a digital workspace properly is the primary step you have to take on the way of building a productive business strategy.

Reasons To Design A Great Workspace

Furthermore, we provided a list of top reasons why you should have high regard for the design of a digital workspace.

  1. Branding

Differentiating your products from the others in the marketplace and foregrounding them is critically essential and can be provided by creating the right design which will promote your brand and make the image you want your customers to associate it with.

Consider creating your unique design with SharePoint, an excellent program using a theming engine that customizes your site’s theme. This program allows you to choose the color, background image and text font of your digital workspace. Branding through design is one of the most efficient ways of enhancing your employees’ productivity and creating a beneficial ground for them to work.

   2. Email signatures

Using an email signature as a business card can be very profitable as it mirrors your company as a business unity and creates its first impression on the customer. If you launch an email signature template for your employees, it will demonstrate high organization and professionalism of your company.

These email signatures can also inform customers about some events and conferences you are to throw. One important thing you need to do is ensure that you make your signature template attractive and unique so that your employees find it a sheer pleasure to use them.

    3. Collaboration encouragement

To produce creative and meaningful ideas, employees need to collaborate with each other which can be realized with the help of design of their workspace. Special designing can provide the availability of separate templates for each worker from various company departments so that they can teach each other and share their particular experience in the work they do.

For instance, as marketing and human resources management are pretty much interconnected and dependant on each other, the workers specializing in these realms can exchange essential information and knowledge throughout the everyday work process thereby escalating the productivity and efficiency of the company.

    4. Seamless experience

The employee’s ability to quickly switch from their physical workplace to digital workspace is one of the key factors of successful work. Design is something that can provide a worker with a strong ability to adapt to IT workspace and get down to performing beneficial work.

The right color, background, font, and inspiring pics are the foremost elements that keep workers engaged and interested as well as motivate them so that they can put the best of their effort to the work. Having your digital workspace designed properly guarantees your ability to smoothly adapt to working on your smartphone effectively.

   5. Apps integration improvement

Design allows integrating collaboration management tools with business applications more easily and efficiently which means a great increase in the productivity of the employees using a digital workspace. Utilizing these tools with business applications will twice as much facilitate the work employees do.

They will no longer have to interrupt the work process by going to the websites they need as smart design of their workplace will already have direct links to the websites for them. These links don’t take up much space on your screen so you can manage your work without any distractions and push notifications.

   6. DIY opportunities

The best design workers can have in order to fully benefit from is one created by themselves. Working with already set up and complete digital pattern of your workspace may be a way to go but having your work go smoothly and seamlessly can only be achieved once it’s you who customizes the design.

The boundless functionality of the software makes it possible for you customize the font, text as well as its size. You can also choose the theme representing your company’s image and please your aesthetic self.

   7. Workflow automation

Keeping track of each worker’s everyday activities in order to estimate the production rate and assist them in completing their work is the primary task of workflow automation software which works within the design of your workspace.

There’s the software design program Nintex that improves workflow in your digital workspace and enables designers to reuse workflow processes instead of building up new ones. Nintex Workflow allows each department to build its own UDAs that can’t be seen by other departments to prevent digital clutter. UDAs being reusable, companies are able to save large amounts of time and financial resources.

In brief

Digital design is the face of employees’ workspace as well as that of the company they work at. Promoting your brand, creating consistent e-mail signatures, encouraging collaboration between workers, providing strong apps integrations are the most important and not the merely functions that high-quality design can perform.

And probably the paramount thing the design of a digital workspace can do is inspire your employees for performing the tasks productively and dynamically.

Short bio

Helen Morrice is a copywriter and content developer at IDAP Group, an app development agency located in the heart of Europe. She is a very motivated and self-disciplined young lady able to strike everyone reading her writings with sharpness and uniqueness she embeds in them.