The Importance of Engaging the Staff to Come Up with Incentive Ideas

employee incentive ideas

Nobody enjoys a meeting but sometimes it is a necessity. The real struggle arises when you have to encourage the members present at the meeting to participate.

It’s up to you to decide whether you wish to have an informal meeting or a more formal one. Another way is to arrange small brainstorming sessions which can help solve the problem at hand.  Whatever format you may decide to base the meeting on, make sure to start it on time and end it on time as well.

Now, you can also make use of a meeting to encourage your staff to come up with new ideas on bonuses and incentives.

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Here, we will discuss the importance of motivating and engaging your workforce to help them present new incentive ideas.

Increasing their Morale

When you take a step of holding a meeting and asking your staff to provide their opinions and thoughts about incentives, you are not only getting unique ideas but you are also helping to increase their confidence and self-esteem.

You can also email all your employees to provide you with their thoughts, but a meeting is a better way to communicate.

Having Ideas that are Really Needed

If the higher management comes up with incentive ideas, then many of them would not be beneficial for some employees. Other workers won’t be even motivated with your incentive ideas.

In case you give this authority to your staff, you can actually discover the needs of your employees and what is really useful for them.

For instance, you provide a notebook or a pen with the company’s name imprinted on it. If the employee was looking for a neck support to work in the office comfortably, he might be disappointed with what he got.

If you had asked for his opinion you would have known that a pen is not the “motivating object” for him but a neck support can encourage him to perform better.

Reducing Wastage of Money

When you buy gifts in the form of incentives for your staff, you spend a lot of money. You won’t want to waste that cash. Therefore, you can ask your employees what they would prefer to get instead of making your own list.

Maintains Equality

If you offer different products as incentives to different employees, then someone might be jealous or think that the distribution of gifts was unfair.

To avoid this situation, you can take the opinions of your staff and then compile a list of incentives accordingly. If getting the gift looks feasible for the company, you can provide him otherwise you can politely ask him to choose a different product.

Some employees don’t want gifts rather they are looking for a trip to a famous place to enjoy some time with their friends. Make sure to handle their requests as well.