The importance of getting fire safety right in your business


Keeping your staff safe at work is what most business owners would like to think is their top-priority.  Unfortunately, because fire safety is not directly involved in the day-to-day grind of making money, ensuring your business succeeds and making your customers happy, there is no doubt at all that it get sidelined.  If, like me, you live in a busy city like Nottingham it is all-to-easy to put that health and safety assessment back to the bottom of the in tray and put it off for just another day.  Work is so pressing, it is the easiest thing to ignore.


Of course when things do go wrong – and they often do – then when the dust settles people will have questions.  Were you complying with safety law?  Were you taking your responsibilities for staff safety seriously?  Were your fire extinguishers filled and serviced correctly?  And the one everyone fears (in retrospect) – who was to blame?  This happened very recently where a local Nottingham business owner had a minor fire.  Fortunately no-one was hurt, but in the course of trying to put out the blaze the staff had to use 5 different fire extinguishers before they could find one that worked.  Of course afterwards people were none-too happy – particularly the people who worked there.

No-one like bureaucracy, and the administration that comes with complying with fire safety law.  Of course, no-one wants to shirk their responsibilities to their staff safety either.  The problem arises when looking after your fire safety equipment remains the responsibility of a member of staff.  Someone who is busy with other things and really doesn’t want the hassle of checking if all of your safety appliances are correctly serviced and maintained.  A business might have a lot of fire extinguishers and they are spread all over the building, as was the case with the Nottingham business in the previous paragraph.  Checking each one and then organising a contractor to come out and make sure they all work as they should is not most people’s idea of a great day’s work.

Fortunately for busy business owners there are people who will do this kind of thing for you. It doesn’t take long to do a quick search online and find a local business willing to come round and make sure you are fully in compliance with safety law.  Don’t get caught out – get a real fire safety expert in and make sure you are covered with the Firewarden Training.  If the worst does happen, at least you can honestly say that you did your bit to help keep the people who work in your business safe.