The Importance of Integrated CRM software for Companies


With the growing demand for fast-paced transactions online, companies providing customer-oriented services resort to using CRM software. The main goal of using customer relationship management software (CRM) is to maintain continuous communication with customers. It is to ensure customer retention to your services and to cater to their needs immediately.

Alongside customer support, the company needs to provide a flexible system to coordinate its employees for productivity.

Because of these needs, integrated CRM software such as Zoho marketing hub became necessary for companies to grow and expand. There are many benefits of using integrated net-based productivity apps to help employees serve clients and customers.

Here are some of the most important reasons why companies should use Integrated CRM software.

What will be the role of CRM in a business?

Though CRM integration optimizes automation in managing customer/client data, it will provide employees with a powerful tool to deliver satisfactory and better services. Business owners can arrive at smart decisions, and it will open up new sales opportunities.

Almost 90% of all businesses with more than ten employees use CRM software

According to CRM magazine, more than 90% of companies that remain competitive online have some form of integrated CRM software in use. Any company needs to stay in the race against other firms in retaining customers and maintaining excellent services. If you are planning to use CRM, then you are definitely in good company.

Companies using CRM experiences productivity increase up to 34%

Integrated CRM applications offer companies the ability to manage customer data to provide personalized service for each customer. It helps build a business relationship that will enhance customer retention and increase leverage up to almost 30%.

Improve conversion rates

Because of the active management of data and communication, the percentage of customer conversion increases. According to Cloudsware, a conversion factor of up to 300% is attainable by companies using the right selection of CRM applications. Automation is an essential factor in achieving these high conversion rates as sales representatives have more time to close deals instead of managing data.

The CRM industry is growing exponentially

According to Grand View Research, the CRM industry is now worth $18 billion. Companies planning to use CRM are going to take advantage of a tool that is up-to-date with the current customer communication systems on the internet.

As of today, CRM technology is no longer cost-prohibitive, which deters businesses from using this application. Any small business with at least ten employees and in providing customer services will gain a lot and will have a positive return on investment.
These are some of the factors that should be put into consideration when opting to use integrated CRM services such as the Zoho marketing hub.

Companies should take this opportunity now because, as of the moment, according to Salesforce, the adoption process of CRM is still slow. It means that if you are part of the 26% that will adopt CRM integration in your company, you will be ahead of so many businesses today.