Are you ready for your 2018 IOTA predictions? We’ve got them here along with the latest news you need to know to make a solid investment this summer.

IOTA is one of the hottest coins on the market this year, and has been seeing some massive peaks since the last quarter of 2018. It’s currently priced at $1.90 which is a marked jump from last months price of $1. The question is, what’s the true potential of IOTA?

Some say that it will likely hover around $2 give or take for the remainder of the year, and others are expecting some exponential growth which could see IOTA reach prices of up to $6-7 towards the end of the year. Today, we’re going to be taking a look at some of the possible IOTA predictions for this year as well as for the years to come.

What is IOTA

IOTA is the next generation of ledger technology and they’re a company that is seeking to redefine trust in the blockchain. If they continue to grow as they have been over the past couple of years, then they will be able to grow a global economy that would be able to trade data, currency, and more.

In essence they’re creating a way to scale the massive increase in internet traffic and daily use that will be seen in the next five years. As device storage becomes more obsolete, IOTA will offer storage, networking, and payment solutions with a secure blockchain that will revolutionize the marketplace.

If you’re looking for IOTA predictions, then the vision, persistence, and future scalability of the company is a very important consideration. IOTA is one of the few companies that has it all.

The Current Market

As of this week, IOTA is just over $1.90 which is a slight drop from it’s two-month peak of $2.15 late last month. This appears to be nothing more than a healthy correction. IOTA saw massive growth (however erratic it may have been) November 2018 – January 2019, but crashed in the wake of the bear market and market sanctions that plagued the cryptocurrency community in those early months of the year.

It hit a low of $0.93 in early April, but has since been experiencing steady upward growth.

Price predictions

Now, let’s take a minute to look at some of the possible IOTA predictions for later this year. Keep in mind that we aren’t financial advisors, and that we are merely predicting data based on the charts, history, and recent news events. You should always do your own research before investing.

Summer 2018 (~$3)

If the steady growth of the coin continues, then IOTA could easily grow to $3 by the end of the summer. It will likely experience a few healthy corrections over the next couple of months, but steady growth is the key point here.

December 2018 (~$5)

Last December, IOTA saw peaks of up to $5 during its peak growth period. Most investors are hoping that it will be able to reach those heights by the end of this year as well. If it follows an upward trend, and with the renewed faith in the crypto market, then it could easily see these high prices again.

Early 2019

IOTA predictions for 2019 still have a lot of variability. A lot depends on how the price of Bitcoin rises or falls, and also if world governments place further sanctions on crypto trading. Some say that $10 for mid-2019 are entirely possible, other’s are a little more skeptical and think that an average of $5 is more plausible.