One of the hardest things about owning your own business is keeping track of everybody who is employed by you. What is more, if you owe a freelancing business where you hire freelancers from all over the world, it can become quite an expensive task to try and keep track of all you freelancers.

What are the best ways to stay in contact with your freelancers?

There are a variety of ways in which could try and keep in contact with your freelancers and some of the most common ways to do so involve either VOIP or email.

Is email reliable?

One of the most common methods which businesses make use of is email. Companies make use of emails in both the office and to colleges that are out of the office, working at home or who are on assignment in other countries.

Making use of emails allow companies to send documents over the internet, for the most part on a secure connection. Which if the company is using the correct email client like Google’s Gmail, or even a secure mail host, which is set up on your company website.

Not only can companies send documents over email, but as mentioned before it is quite a popular method of communication when it comes making and booking appointments there is nothing better than using email as most email clients and platforms have a built-in calendar feature which can be synced to employee’s mobile devices.

What is wrong with Email?

One would think that with the widespread popularity of making use of email, that there would be very little wrong with the email system, however, this is where you can be wrong.

One of the key factors of emails is that it is text, and as we know and are constantly experiencing with the use of social media platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook these messages or bodies of text can be misread depending the mood of the reader.

As you can imagine, this can create an entire scene if an email is misread, making it a reliable but yet unreliable form of communication.

Not only can it be unreliable, but emails sent from unsecured locations can result in companies losing millions of dollars’ worth of information as their data can be easily accessed by hackers, which will more than often be sold to other companies to the highest bidder.

This issue can have huge financial impacts on a company, and it’s stocks on the stock market and in some cases, the impact that the company has on the stock market, can cause a stock market crash if the incorrect information is stolen.

What alternative is there?

With the security concerns about the overall safety of emails, and the added issue of people misreading the context of the message has written in, there has to be an alternative option for companies to make use of, right?

Well, lucky for these companies there is an alternative option to use and that is to make use of something called Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP for short, companies like NobelCom, Microsoft, and Apple to name a few all make use of VoIP, to allow their customers to communicate via voice, when they make a phone call both locally and internationally and even when they make video calls over an internet connection, all of these features make use of VoIP.

When companies make use of any platform that uses a secure VoIP server there is no way that the signal can be hacked in some cases traced making it the perfect option for companies wanting to make sure that their information is not stolen.