The Mantra to Attract More Clients as Being a Shopify Partner


Are you among the usual Shopify partners that failed to attract customers?

Well, let’s make you unique!

Shopify partners; provide you with the best quality of resources and handy tools. These features will surely lead you to your dream car. The resource section is just full of the numerous information and brochures and flyers in abundance.

Moreover, the branding tips are also provided by Shopify. You will also get participation in a monthly newsletter that will include the mandatory tips which can gradually grow your online business. Well, now you are about to get the best hands-on guide to earn with this amazing program…

 How the earning system works in Shopify partners?

Once you’ve joined the partner’s program, your earning will depend majorly on the contributions that you make towards the ecosystem of Shopify and the number of candidates that join through you. There are several types of payouts; all depends on the activities that you conduct.

You can earn through Shopify partners when you refer someone to purchase a monthly plan. The merchant can purchase from four available plans (Lite, Basic, Shopify, and advanced) and the revenue share is 20% of the monthly subscription fees that the merchant pays. You will be paid as long as the merchant keeps renewing the plan and remains active on the platform.

If the merchant purchases other premium plans such as Shopify plus and Shopify gold then you will get 10% of the revenue share from the monthly fee.  This also gets you paid until the merchant keeps renewing the plan.

Top tips to succeed as a Shopify partner

Here are a handful of tips that will help you to attract more clients and make bigger profits with the Shopify partner program. Make sure that you follow these tips to ensure a fulfilling career with Shopify:

  1. Be blessed with branding

There are plenty of customers on Shopify and they all are like fishes for you in a pond. The more you catch, the more you earn. For this, you need a great fish feed which in this context, is the branding. Let the merchants know that you are a professional and why you are suitable for growing their business. Moreover, note that they don’t give a damn about what you know, they just care about when they can expect from you.

  1. Dominate the marketplace

Nobody will ever come to know about your achievements unless you apply for the Shopify expert’s marketplace. Once you are titled as an expert, you will witness your name in the marketplace which is, for your information, visible to over 5 Lakh potential customers. Just imagine the lead you can generate with such a humongous amount.

  1. Serve like a servant

Well, this might get a little personal but word-of-mouth is the most powerful marketing technique. If your customers find your service extraordinary, not only they will continue working with you, but they will also refer you to other valuable customers. Moreover, don’t be shy to ask them for a vouch on LinkedIn and Twitter.

  1. Become a socialite member

Knowledge is meant to be shared even though if it is done for personal benefits. The more you sure, the better you get treated in the industry. Therefore, if you keep posting helpful articles, one-liner tips, and any sort of value then people will consider you as an expert in the industry and will get their work done from you more often. Also, don’t forget to make use of hashtags to get further exposure.

  1. Attend workshops and meet-up’s

The best way to engage with people of similar interests and professions is by attending a meet-up. Moreover, this is also the best way to get to know various future customers in person. Only a fool can miss such a great opportunity. Not only this, but these places are a plethora of information, new ideas, and wisdom and you can always expect to have a great time there.

Bottom Line

People are earning millions and you can also become a part of this club. All you need to do is follow the tips stated in this article, rest is assured. Moreover, if you wish to create enriching webshops then LiquidBlox has packed some heat for it.