The Ongoing Evolution of Endpoint Security


There are countless elements a business needs to succeed in addition to offering excellent products or services. In today’s digital era, having effective cybersecurity defenses is at the top of the list, as a single attack could spell financial disaster for your business. 

In the past, all businesses needed was antivirus software installed on each device used for business. But legacy antivirus software is no longer effective, as it can’t detect many of the most common forms of cyberattacks. 

Also, as companies shift more and more, if not all of their data to servers or cloud platforms, breaking into these networks becomes increasingly profitable for cybercriminals, giving them even more incentive to develop new forms of attack. 

What can a business do to keep their digital assets and data safe? The first step is investing in cutting-edge network security software. 

Defining EDR

Today, endpoint detection and response (EDR) is the height of enterprise cybersecurity software. EDR continuously monitors your network’s endpoints (your device access points) in order to detect and respond to cyberattacks. Endpoints are among the most vulnerable areas of attack that hackers use to gain access to sensitive data and information. EDR acts like a watch guard that never rests or sleeps, keeping your network safe and secure. You can click here to learn more about endpoint detection security software, how it works, and how it compares to previous software models. 

History of EDR

Before EDR, businesses had to hire entire network monitoring teams that worked around the clock to detect and respond to endpoint attacks. In 2013, EDR software was first created as an all-encompassing solution to endpoint exposure. 

Since then, EDR protection software has received periodic modifications and updates that have made it more effective at detecting and responding to threats and more accessible to users and businesses of various sizes and industries. 

In 2020, EDR is more widespread than ever, and its source code has a common license. This means EDR is no longer the private property of one company but open for everyone to access and improve, allowing cybersecurity to thrive. 

Continuous Learning 

What makes EDR superior to its counterparts is its ability to learn and grow without needing IT experts and developers to start from scratch whenever there’s a new type of attack or malware. EDR collects data it monitors from your network’s endpoints and analyzes it using AI, machine learning, and behavioral analysis. That allows it to learn from previous attacks and predict future ones and respond before it’s too late.

Protection and Evolution

As businesses in various industries, big and small, resort to using more remote workers and internet of things (IoT) devices in their business operations, they increase the number of endpoints their network has. 

More endpoints correlate to more data that EDR can collect and analyze, continuously expanding its knowledge base and capabilities. By collecting data from failed attack attempts, EDR can detect zero-day attacks that it had no direct knowledge of before. Since the most worrying part of future cyberattacks is their unpredictability, security software that depends on machine learning and AI is cutting-edge technology in cybersecurity that experts dreamed about for years.

Cybersecurity and Your Business

Many startups and small businesses often forego cybersecurity software altogether. They think they are far too expensive and unnecessary as they don’t believe they’re likely to experience an attack. However, attackers often think the same and target smaller businesses, in particular, because they’re more likely not to have proper, or any, cybersecurity measures. In fact, 43 percent of cyberattacks in 2019 targeted small businesses.

Regardless of the size of your organization, it’s essential to start investing in cybersecurity early on. For comprehensive protection, you need to include your network, devices, and staff in your cybersecurity strategy. 

The Time to Invest Is Now 

Your digital security is an essential part of running business operations and gaining the trust of future clients and investors. With so many active networks of hackers active across the globe, you can’t afford to delay developing a cybersecurity strategy. Don’t wait for a devastating wake-up call to invest in your digital protection.