The Qualities to Look for When Hiring a Sales Manager


Hiring is never a simple process, and it becomes even more intensive when hiring managerial positions. These are the leaders of your team — the people who inspire and motivate. 

The procedure of hiring a sales manager is multi-layered because it’s a position that involves many different hats. Depending on the size of your organization, a sales manager may have several people under them. They must exhibit impeccable organizational and leadership skills. 

With so many people applying for jobs these days, how do you filter through resumes and cover letters that all appear to have the same qualifications? It might feel overwhelming. Have you considered working with a sales recruitment agency? The right recruiter can spot a great sales candidate from a mile away because their finger is always on the pulse of the sales talent market. 

They can pull candidates from their exclusive list of resources and find the right sales manager for your organization. A recruitment agency will make the hiring process much easier for you, and it will lower your risk of hiring employees that aren’t suitable for the job.

A recruiter will help bring the best candidate directly to you and your team by looking for specific qualities crucial to the position. To gain a better understanding of what those pertinent qualities are, read on to discover what recruiters look for in a sales manager. 


An effective sales manager needs to deliver from a strategic perspective. They should have a clear vision of the direction the team needs to take and be specific about expectations. A recruiter wants to know how a candidate personally and collectively works toward meeting a team’s strategic goals. 

The right sales manager will be honest and realistic in what they expect from themselves and other employees from the outset. They’ll have a clear idea of how their team can stay focused and achieve short- and long-term goals. 

A Fierce Leader 

An effective sales manager conveys confidence and leadership skills. The candidate should demonstrate knowledge of the industry as well as a sincere willingness to learn more. 

A sales manager is the expert on your products and services, and he or she should be able to pass that knowledge on to the team, clients, and partners. Look for decisive individuals with outstanding problem-solving skills.  

Communication and Interpersonal Skills

Two essential qualities that a sales recruiter will search for in a sales manager are interpersonal and communication skills. 

Strong communication and interpersonal skills foster a dynamic exchange of suggestions, feedback, and ideas. Articulating clearly and listening actively are essential qualities to watch for in sales manager candidates. You don’t want a manager who ignores others’ opinions or refuses to acknowledge critical feedback. The right sales manager listens with intent and is also not afraid to speak up. They should encourage creativity by engaging with the team, other co-workers, and clients.

It’s overwhelming to go through the hiring process alone. A recruitment agency will place these qualities at the top of their checklist and find the perfect sales manager for you and your team.