The Relationship between Twins and Industrial Internet of Things


Device twins are needed for the design, creating and proper work of the industrial Internet of Things products.  They are virtual devices that show meta data and information about physical machine related to the IoT base.    The device twins are progressing, and they become the important part of the control of IoT devices.

Every device that was begun and registered on IoT base consists of the two types of data. The first type includes information that is not needed to be changed regularly. For example, the describing details such as the serial number of the device, asset identifier, firmware model, the version and the year of production.

The second type of the device shows the dynamic of position. It has special access for the context data in a present time that is first to this device. For example, the thermostat has information about the temperature, humidity, and space of the identifier. Read more here.

How It Works

Apps for mobile and web devices that IoT solution includes take sensor information and send necessary acts to the devices.  For example, the mobile application can be applied for tracking the available temperature that a thermostat reports and sending action “turn on” to an HVAC. The next request for the available position of the devices can be too expensive. Sometimes, the devices can be offline to answer the request. On the other hand, the device can’t change the station quickly when the app sends a command.

For the making, of connection between the layer of an appliance and a fronted layer easier, IoT platform makes a digital replica of the device. The same features have a physical device. In fact, the digital replica or twin shows the meta data in both with the last sending state that has the dynamical informational points. Apps can absolutely relate with the digital version of the device that always synchronized with a state of the device. After the app sends an action, through the digital twin that controls the delta between the needed state that the app set and the last sent state of the material device.



The Internet of Things platform is sure that the condition of the device corresponds to matching digital twin. When the device is not online and the action is sent, anyway the base will synchronize the state when the device will be connected, in the next time. This function makes the less burden on the creators and provides a smart state device for all machines.

Digital twins do not include only the limited information and last data about the condition of the device. The availability of virtual reality and several of reality, and developers making the 3D models of devices. The represented of digital replicas show a modern view on the device that helps experts in creating accurate decisions. Therefore, the architect may use a VR headset to see the aircraft turbine when he is physically in another place. When the twin is created around the material device with an available state, it can provide a great interactive practice.

The Future of The Digital Twins

Basic IoT platforms provide digital twins as a needed part of the control of the device. The pair of VR and virtual devices will represent the better versions of digital twins and will help creators in the area of design of effective industrial IoT decisions.