The Six Things You Must Track On Your PPC Campaign


There are several things that you need to track when you are in the middle of a PPC campaign.  This means that you can completely change how people perceive your company or even find your company.  This is something that you can easily manage on your own, and you just need to be sure that you have come up with a plan that you know will be appropriate for you because you want to make sure that all the little things have been checked with no trouble.  You also need to remember that you are going to get help from your marketer because the marketer can do a lot of these things for you.

1.The Dashboard

You need to read your Adomatic or marketer dashboard because that tells you anything that you want to know about the marketing that you are doing.  You can see everything that you need to know about your ads like what they are and how they work.  There are many people who need to know if their ads are going to be working right, and there are others who are concerned that they cannot come up with a plan that will work because they have adjusted so much.  Reading the dashboard gives you the big picture.

2.The Ad Traffic

You need to know what your ad traffic is so that you know if you need to have an ad taken down or not.  The best ads are things that you can keep for a long period of time because that will be much easier for you to use and manage.  You can leave them up because they work, and you can start looking at how you might make some ads that look like those ads.

3.The Feedback

You need to get some feedback that is going to work best for you because that can help you get some of the results that you could not have gotten in any other way.  You have to know what you can do so that you can have the finest ads on the market that people actually like to see.  If you do not know where to put these ads or how to use feedback, you should take it to your marketer to let them show you what to do.

4.The Sales

You need to know if your ads are going to be converting sales.  If the ads are not converting sales, you need to try something that is going to work for you.  You can keep using these ads to get the most out of your sales, and you need to continue to use these ads until they are no longer working.


You need to check the income you actually made from PPC ads.  You might have them on your site.

6.The Trends

You need to know the trends in the industry so that you know what the trends will tell you what to do when you need to update your marketing.