The Technology Revolutionising The Parcel Delivery Industry


Technology has changed all of our lives over the years with the invention of the smartphone and other technologies helping to streamline everyday processes and make life easier for everyone. But how has technology revolutionised the parcel delivery industry? In this article, we will be looking into how technology has helped to streamline the industry in recent years.


 One of the biggest technological advancements in recent years that have revolutionised the parcel delivery service is the Drone. With their Prime Air Service, parcels can be delivered to even some of the most rural areas without the need for a van. Though this is only in the early implementation at this time, this vision will allow users to have their delivery to their home within 30 mins. This is great for those that are replenishing home supplies or other smaller items as deliveries are now much faster even when using an international courier company.

 Parcel Tracking

 Though this style of technology has been around for a while it is recent technological advancements that have enabled more accurate tracking parcels. With handheld devices being used to spend minute by minute updates to the customer, you can know exactly where your parcel is at all times. Though this is a benefit for those that are out of the house, it is also beneficial for customers at Christmas time as they are able to track each package and ensure that all presents arrive on time for the big day. Though this can sometimes be unreliable, this will provide you with email notifications to keep you as updated as possible at all times.

 GPS For Lorry Drivers

In addition to this, technology has also helped lorry drivers to reach destinations much faster as lorry drivers now have accurate GPS systems. With a number of them providing minute by minute updates as well as accurate estimated times, this can help to ad the delivery process and make it far more streamlined. Though this is completely dependant on the amount that you have ordered, this will ensure that your parcels arrive on time with very minimal disruption regardless of where you live.

 Increased Delivery Times

 Though delivery times are dependant on the company that you use, popular retailers such as Amazon are able to provide them with delivery times that are accurate as possible. With same-day delivery as well as next day delivery, technology has helped to provided businesses and individuals with their packages within just a few days. In addition to this, superfast internet and other technological advancements such as smartphones have helped delivery drivers up and down the country deliver to locations that may not have been able to reach before, helping to increase clientele and maintain good all-round customer experience.

With this in mind, there are a number of ways that technology has helped to revolutionise the industry and provide a smooth delivery service to millions of people in the UK. But with a number of technologies set to be released in 2020, could this all change in the new year?