Joomla is not always the easiest platform to work on and creating new templates for website design isn’t a walk in the park either. Non-coders, non-designers and coding amateurs have a tough time designing new templates. 2018 has brought some amazing tools for all kinds of designers and coding noobs that can create working templates for all kinds of Joomla! Sites. With the new updates of Joomla! 3.8, the prospect of creating better looking crisp websites is more than ever.

The new list of 2018 Joomla software and tools for template creation is powerful enough to aid an entire design company. As per multiple expert design experts and website developers, the resulting templates are much better than the ready-to-use template samples we usually come across on template sites. Here are the four tools that experts at Palisades Park SEO Consultantlike to unwind.

Themler – the visual template designer

Themler brings powerful CMS theme and template creativity on the Joomla platform. This software brings no-code designs with extensive features back on the plate, especially with its multifarious aspects.

  • Designers can dabble in original content creation for landing pages, websites, and e-commerce sites.
  • You can add new sections, categories, and subcategories to your new website template or you can pick the ones for suggestion.
  • Themler comes with a brilliant and intuitive drag-and-drop builder. This will help some noncoding designers create vibrant new designers.
  • Names, texts, images, and buttons – everything is completely customizable when it comes to this template builder.

Once the design is complete, either publish your template or explore it as a .zip file.

Themler official website has direct download options. To download and work on this builder, you need to install its CMS component and work it through your desktop.

Template creator

Template Creator is a holistic tool that offers super-fast and efficient template creation for designers of all levels. You can try and create new templates within 10 minutes!

  • Browse the various layouts, check out editable columns, edit the widgets and pick any color theme you like for your new Joomla template.
  • Template Creator comes with point-and-click creation. This makes the building process neat and deft.
  • For the veterans, there are scopes to personalize the templates even further. You can work with CSS custom codes to introduce new styles for your design.
  • Template Creator is ideal for both adept designers and amateurs, who want to dabble in some designing and creativity.

Template Creator is a fun experience thanks to its easy-to-use point-and-click builders.

Easy Website Template Generator

It is a free tool for all people, who want to experience the true spirit of good website design. Therefore, we see a lot of pro designers turn to Easy Website Template Generator for a break from their tiresome coding routine. Newbie designers often choose it due to its simple user interface.

  • The Easy Website Template Generator software enables the creation of perfect column websites.
  • You can use CSS techniques to add elements of personalized design.
  • This software is quite unlike a lot of other template design tools we have seen thus far. It is simple, lightweight and easy to use.
  • It is perfect for creating simple designs. You can challenge yourself to create one in less than 15 minutes even if you have no idea about codes and the Easy Website Template Generator from before.

You can download a free version of the Easy Website Template Generator software from the official website. The downloadable version comes complete with instructions for installation and use.


This is an exceptional template design software for all Joomla users. The Artisteer can design novel templates for almost all current Joomla engines. The templates are perfect for e-commerce and blogs, depending on the elements you pick as a part of the design.

  • Artisteer gives you the chance to build awesome designed blogs and website templates in record time.
  • Using this tool successfully does not involve a learning curve.
  • Artisteer does not only aid Joomla template creation, but it also guides the designers in the template creation process for WordPress, Blogger and other CMS platforms.
  • You can bypass HTML, CSS, and Photoshop for creating templates with Artisteer.

You can preview the designs before downloading them. You can choose to edit the templates online and publish them accordingly.

In all 4 cases, the process of creation is highly simplified but not compromised in any way. These tools empower the amateur as well as expert website designers to create templates with a personal touch within a couple of minutes, without indulging in excessive coding or Photoshop.