The Top 7 banks in the world and their advertising in 2019


Banks are the institutions which reflect the economic health of a nation. The banks hold significant position in driving the growth of a nation by enabling a greater cash flow. Many individuals, small and medium firms, and large corporate houses rely heavily on banks to empower their business. Therefore, it becomes critical for the banks to maintain the highest of standard in their dealings to uphold trust and integrity amongst customer. As the number of banks continues to grow, it is vital for the banks to portray a positive image to gain confidence of the customers.

As the finance industry continues to face heavy losses and is susceptible to getting close to debt. Maintaining a positive image for the brand and promoting it is a big challenge for marketers. To make it happen, elements like a professional logo, attractive bank signs, and a memorable tagline can play an essential role in enhancing brand prominence and value. Majority of the banks worldwide have incorporated these elements in their advertising which makes a positive impact in gaining more potential customers, increase brand awareness, and establishing them as a popular brand. Some of the top banks which have been using advertising to a great potential are:

  1. Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC)

The HSBC banks have its roots from Hong Kong with its headquartering in London, United Kingdom. It is one of the biggest banks in terms of market capital. The bank with its multinational branches powers banking in almost every country providing secure and professional banking to millions of customers worldwide.

HSBC with its recent “Global Citizen” TV campaign garnered attention which highlights that peoples, communities, and businesses around the world are connected to each other and are part of a bigger picture. The bank has been working globally to connect the world by promoting trade.

  1. JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM)

Being the leading bank in the world, JPMorgan Chase & Co. holds asset value worth $2.45 trillion. It is the sixth largest bank in the world and Americas’ top multinational bank. The bank offers its services to retail and financial services.

The company has taken advertising to a whole new level by replacing marketers with Artificial intelligence. By incorporating modern technology likes machine learning, data and AI to better write marketing copy, the company saw an increase of 450% in click through rate. The AI chiefly name Presado will work to enhance future marketing campaigns and would drive meaningful communications with customers.

  1. BNP Paribas

BNP Paribas is Europe leading multinational bank offering its services to more than 71 countries of the world. The bank has its root in France and has asset valued about $2.4 trillion.

BNP Paribas has been targeting young ones by reaching out social networks with interactive advertising campaign in order to tap a massive audience. The company with its 10-day Instagram story campaign is able to capture 70,000 prospective customers.

  1. Bank of America (BAC)

Bank of America is a bank based in the United States which offers investment and banking services to small-mid sizes businesses and individuals. Plus, it also offers other services like deposits, loans, foreign exchange, and other services. The growing presence of the American bank has made it extremely renowned across the country.

With growing popularity of mobile, the company aimed to target mobile users with its social media, online video and streaming ads. The campaigns leveraged social media as their preferred medium to tap a potential customer base. The ad campaign highlighted BOS as a mobile banking provider which offers rewards and benefits as they opt for their banking services. Plus, the bank has been launching several video based campaigns for social media. Some of the popular campaigns are “The Power to Be Me”, “Today”, and others.

  1. Bank of China

Bank of China is amongst the biggest banks in China. It is state owned commercial bank which operates as central bank of China. The bank offers banking, investment and financial services to people of China. The bank has presence in over 57 countries which entitle it in the list of the top banks in the world.

The bank has been advertisement to a great impact to scale its banking activities in several countries. The bank came up with series of advertisements ranging from credit cards loyalty programs, sponsorship program for sports events, and plethora of other campaign. The majority of the ads have been quite successful in driving prospects to the bank.

  1. NatWest Bank

The NatWest or National Westminster Bank is the premier bank of the United Kingdom. The bank has found its place among the most influential banks in the UK and several other banks. The bank offers it services in retail and commercial banking with its services such as credit cards, personal banking, investment, money transfer and other services. It also supports the needs of finance for small businesses across the country.

The bank has been in talks recently with its popular TV advertisement which depicts its commitment to making banking easier and accessible. The ad showcase a couple’ journey toward buying a house with the campaign “We are What We Do” that symbolizes the importance of innovation and transformation to make banking convenient for peoples.

  1. Lloyd Bank

Lloyd Bank is another bank which is based in the United Kingdom. The bank has it arms extended in both retail and commercial banking dedicated to serve the needs of people of Britain. The bank offers multiple ranges of services from personal to corporate banking to millions of customers focusing on their financial requirement.

Lloyd bank has been in the banking space for a long. The bank uses advertisement to a great effectiveness in order to woo consumers and highlight its brand value. After splitting from the Scotland bank, the bank recently made way with its all new TV and online video commercial to enhance the brand reputation. The 60 second video ad campaign namely “An Epic Journey” demonstrates its signature black horses travelling across landscapes ranging from grassland, woodlands, forests, and then reach mountains. The ad signifies how learning and knowledge is passed through generation. The ad is a serious blend of emotions and great visuals which makes it quite popular among viewers.


To meet up with the growing level of competitor, it has become important for the banks to highlight and showcase their product to effectively lay a ground work for the marketing. As advertising has become the integral part of our life, it works extremely well to educate and aware about the existence of banking services available in the market. Thus, accomplish the diverse goals of the brands.