The top advantages of digital kiosks for takeaway


These days, food ordering kiosks have become very efficient. Let’s see what their biggest advantages are.

What are food ordering kiosks?

At a time when convenience is king, online ordering systems, self-service kiosks and mobile platforms have become the key to giving customers what they need most: a fast, personalized and convenient delivery or takeout dining experience. It is not a mystery that in the future customers will seek safe methods for getting takeaway. Restaurants need to look at their options for off-premises dining, especially delivery.

Point of sale used to refer only to the site – usually a counter with a cash register where customers handed over cash for goods and services. Payment is still at the heart of any point-of-sale system, whether it’s online, at a self-service kiosk, via an agent’s handheld terminal or at a traditional cash register. But since the time that the traditional cash register was first paired with a computer in the 1970s, the point of sale has transformed into a powerful hub for financial, sales, promotional and operational processes.

As technology advanced, so did point-of-sale systems, with the introduction of barcodes in the 1970s, graphical user interfaces in the 1980s and online ordering in the 1990s.

In the 21st century, the pace of change has accelerated further. Mobile technology has detached the checkout process from the traditional cash register, turning the entire store into a point of sale via tablets and other terminals. Cloud technology has paved the way for truly modern retail outlets, enabling rapid integration of critical systems to optimize the customer experience while generating higher margins.

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Now, let’s go through the most important advantages.

Fast and efficient service

With a food ordering kiosk, your customers can now order from your facility more efficiently than ever. By reducing your internal ordering process to a few taps, you’ll get orders faster than ever.

With its intuitive design and clean layout, it can immediately increase your sales, motivating customers to add the little extras they didn’t know were available.

Kiosks present your customers’ order additions in the most tempting way. Our kiosks integrate seamlessly with online ordering systems and portals.

Increase employee productivity

Even your best employees can feel overwhelmed during a busy dinner service. The easy solution would be to hire even more staff, but the smart solution is to offer an intuitive alternative.

Allow your staff to focus on sales and provide excellent customer service by transferring new customers to an in-house kiosk.

This will allow you to keep your staff at peak performance without compromising service quality.

Maximize customer loyalty

An easy-to-use and efficient checkout process is paramount to any customer experience. Offering a rewarding alternative to waiting in line will increase customer loyalty from the start.

A kiosk is a tempting option for potential customers. Whether it’s take-out or dine-in, the Flipdish kiosk with its quick ordering process will keep your customers coming back.

Make your wait times shorter

Nothing makes a potential customer walk away from a restaurant faster than a massive line. A simple ordering solution makes long lines a thing of the past.

With shorter lines and busy service, your business can accept more orders than ever before without needing to add more staff to the payroll.

Stay on top of your customers’ needs and provide an efficient solution that is perfectly tailored to their needs.

Make your decision

There are advantages and disadvantages to in-house or third-party platform delivery. Before making a decision, be sure to weigh the options to determine which solutions are best for your business. And whatever you decide, it’s essential to have as much data as possible about your business. Be sure to get the information that gives you clarity into your sales numbers, platform performance, and best sellers, so you can optimize delivery easily.

During these current times, your restaurant has a bigger opportunity than ever to try out new solutions. Be sure to choose the ones that can impact your business in the most positive way, delivering the improvement and development that you have been seeking.

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