The Ultimate Deal On iPhone Application Development


We are in a generation where technology has become the backbone of every activity undertaken by man. With the immense developments in the technology sector, the key factor has always been the development of user-friendly applications. The core aim of our iPhone application developers is to develop an appealing application which is friendly to the users of the iPhone gadgets. The iPhone application development technical team is highly skilled and experienced in the industry with a vast experience in the application development sector.

The iPhone application development process is done in line with the industry finest practices to develop high performing, engaging, secure and scalable applications. The products are developed in the minimal time possible with a pocket-friendly prices for every client to afford.

The process of developing iPhone Applications

The development of iPhone applications is usually done in a nimble style in order to define the scope of the application. The application scope always consists of the visual designs, wireframes and the requirements of the application. Nevertheless, the scope is backed up with stumpy code application development which consists of iterations, regular feedback, optimization and placement in the Apple’s application store. The process of developing the iPhone application follows a methodological flow as follows;

iPhone Application development

  1. Functionality Development
  2. UI Implementation
  3. Framework Integration
  4. Application Backend development
  5. Client Review
  6. Micro-Interaction Application Implementation

 iPhone Application Design UX/UI

  1. High/Low Fidelity Wireframes
  2. Information Architecture
  3. Usability Testing
  4. Visual Screen Mockup
  5. Documentation of the design specification
  6. Definition of the micro-interaction

 Application Architecture

  1. Definition of the backend architecture
  2. Definition of the network layer
  3. Definition of the database layer
  4. Definition of the UI layer
  5. Definition of the reusable components
  6. Definition of the MVC modules

 Application Distribution

  1. Application Store
  2. Enterprise
  3. MDM
  4. Ad Hoc
  5. Custom B2B
  6. Beta Test Flight

 iPhone Application Discovery

  1. Competitive Analysis
  2. Definition of the application Objective
  3. SWOT Analysis
  4. Documentation of the Feature Scope
  5. Selection of the technology and approach
  6. Feasibility Analysis
  7. Functional Specifications

 Quality Assurance Testing

  1. Test Plan
  2. Integration Testing
  3. Functional Testing
  4. Security Testing
  5. Usability Testing
  6. Testing of the User Acceptance Testing
  7. Testing of the Report Generation

 Maintenance and Support of the post-deployment

  1. Real-Time Analytics
  2. Monitoring of the user analytics
  3. Support of the user engagement
  4. Full lifecycle maintenance of the application

 Application Release Readiness

  1. Beta User Testing
  2. Beta Launching
  3. Bug Fixing
  4. UX/UI Changes
  5. Optimization of the application store
  6. Micro Interaction

 Application Deployment

  1. Developer Project Valuation
  2. Submission of the application to the Apple Application Store
  3. Approval Assessment
  4. Transfer Assessment

Once this process is adjourned, the iPhone application is always ready for the user to use it. Therefore, it is important to consult us as we have expertise in the entire iPhone application development process in order to acquire genuine and top notch products for a company or personal use. The iPhone application developers in our company won’t let you down in this as they provide you with quality products as a result of the cutting-edge services incorporated in each and every step of the iPhone application development process.

The high quality authentic, secure and innovative iPhone applications developed are very convenient to use with the ability to optimize all your needs. If you need business iPhone applications, we also provide top-notch applications which are designed in regard to the functions and logic of the business. These applications also integrate easily with any social media platform making it viable to post any social media content with ease.

Ultimately, feel free to contact us for any customized iPhone application development which fits all your needs and preferences.