TheOneSpy Review: Mobile Monitoring software


A child came into existence in a mother’s womb then till he/she open eyes in the world, utmost care is necessary. Parents start protecting their child since the birth, from day one modern technology start making its impact on the toddler. Sometimes technology in the shape of smartphone’s tunes make a child happy and sometimes it may scare him. After a couple of years, a child starts realizing that a tech gadget in the hand of their parents is actually a device which is basically for communication. So, he/she starts copying their parents to pic the smartphone up and attaches it with his/her years and perform the same activity which their parents usually does.

So, it is the parents who need to take care of in the brought up of their kids and teens. The modern technology in the shape of smartphones, tablets, and blackberry is integrated with the human life. Everyone is fully dependent on the modern technology, so there is the dire need for parents to make the future secure of their young kids and teens. The digital world has brought plenty of mobile applications and social media apps such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Yahoo, Tinder and other alike which may bring horrible consequences in the life of young children.   There are following some social media issues which can be eradicated with the help of Mobile monitoring software. Let’s take a look on how TOS enable users to tackle all the issues they are facing at the moment.

IM’s Social Media:

The social media applications are very popular with young kids and teens; therefore they use these applications to communicate with the online world. Facebook, Yahoo, Tinder, WhatsApp and much other alike provide everyone a platform to communicate and share their views, images, and videos having complete profile information. That’s why these platforms sometimes may bring some user who does evil activities with young users such as Cyber bullying. Online bullying is the major threat for young users. Therefore, TheOoneSpy has developed IM’s Social Media feature for parenting point of view to prevent young kids and teens from cyber bullying. Parents are enabling to view all logs of social media apps and performed activities of their kids and teens.

Spy on Calls:

Young users having smartphones device in hands always seems busy in calls to their friends, family members and even to those who they don’t familiar in the real life. Parents often got scared when youngsters always keep talking on their phones without having prior knowledge of their unknown friends. So TOS Spy on messages features to allow parents to track every incoming or outgoing call along with the record of all live calls and view call history.

Spy on messages:

We have often seen most of the teens having the smartphone in hand and continuously messaging without viewing what is coming in their way. So, the messaging addiction is very common in young smartphone users no time ever before. The monitoring software has its unique and powerful spy on messages feature which allow parents to spy on all incoming and outgoing messages with the complete time stamp.

Bug Their Phone:

Record all surrounding sounds with the help of MIC bug feature of the target device; also make short videos through SpyVidcam feature and capture images with the help of back and front camera.


As we all know that everyone creates its privacy having mail id and password, TOS empower parents to get the hold on all keystrokes applied on your target device. Keylogger feature allows you to spy on all keystrokes applied by kids and teens such as Messenger keystrokes, password keystrokes, SMS keystrokes and email keystrokes.

Track GPS Location:

Put your all worries to rest and track every single whereabouts of your kids and teens through Track GPS location feature of spy app. It allows you to track current, weekly and monthly location history of your target.

Monitor Internet Activities:

All mini computers in the shape of smartphones enable youngsters to do net surfing when connected to the internet. So spy software allow you to get access to all browsing activities in order to know what type of websites, apps, and games your children are regular visiting through Monitor browsing history feature.

Read Emails:

Get access to all types of emails or Gmail incoming or outgoing through your target device by monitoring software’s Read Email feature.

View Multimedia Files:

Parents can view all multimedia files which their kids used to of sharing such as photos, videos, VoIP calls and get the screen shot of all the activities through multimedia files feature.

View Phone Activities:

Young kids and teens often do suspicious activities on their cell phone, view all phone activities such as calendar events and view their task logs through phone activities feature.

Instant Alerts:

Get instantly SIM change notification when your target device user changes its SIM card through Instant alerts feature of Spy app.

Remotely Phone Controller:

TheOneSpy software enable parents to get remotely control on target device such as view installed app, device lock unlock, Remote control SMS command, remotely pause or start spy app, remotely uninstall application, set your own preferences, block the internet while target is driving, block texting while driving and block strangers incoming calls through remotely phone controller feature.


TheOneSpy app provides parents solid and accurate solution to parents which they are facing at the moment. TOS enable parents to do parenting secure and easy, its groundbreaking features are ultimate and reliable. Monitoring software genuinely developed to serve humanity to the fullest.