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Top Careers for Business Majors

Even before enrolling in a particular undergraduate course, it is important to first find out what career options are available for you. The corporate world is full of opportunities that range from mastering numbers to direct engagement with clients. Knowing the career path you want to follow will help you choose the right courses to equip you with the right knowledge and skills towards your career direction.

One important consideration for college students is choosing a career they want after graduation. This can especially come in handy for business students due to the wide range of specialization to choose from. There are plenty of programs at Global Business School to help you choose a career that best suits you. Job skills, job location and pay scales vary, and you can easily lose track when thinking about the future as far as your profession is concerned.  Here are some of the best careers in business you should consider

Types of careers for business students

Business careers are categorized into five broad sections- analysis, management, personal finance, human resource and information technology.

  • Management deals with the top position jobs that you obviously are familiar with. With management jobs, the skills required are uniform, but they can have different descriptions depending on the field.
  • With analysis job, you should be prepared to do a lot of analytical research and crunching numbers to achieve smooth running of the business
  • When it comes to personal finance jobs you have to be fully knowledgeable in applying analytical business skills. With such a career, you also need to be equipped with teaching skills, mainly to guide people on how to manage their finances
  • With drastic changes in technology, information technology jobs are always increasing. IT gurus are privileged to work in a fast-paced world that varies from managing software, hardware manufacturing, advertising and media.
  • Finally, for you to select human resource as a career, you need to be ready to interact with employees and know the roles they play in the organization.

Examples of careers in business

Personal finance advisor

The job mainly entails organizing finances for individuals. A personal finance advisor deal with income, expenditure, tax considerations, investment issues and legal concerns. The professionals spend time with clients handling the above issues while offering advice on financial management


A career in accounting offers a wide range of employment opportunities. You can either work in the government, private sector or national security. Accounting jobs involve balancing books for the organization by considering some financial responsibilities like taxes to accurately determine whether the business is making profits or losses.  It is also among the highest paying careers in business.

Budget analyst

The main role of a budget analyst is to help a business analyze financial data and prepare budgets and reports. Every business, whether public, private or NGO will require a budget analyst to facilitate smooth running of the organization.

Human Resources Specialist

A human resource analyst’s work is to ensure the wellbeing of employees. Their main role is to recruit, hire, train, and maintain the employees.

Other top careers in business include management consultancy, corporate attorney, business teacher, healthcare administrator, real estate broker, training and developing manager and corporate executive.

As you can see, the skills acquired by business students will help them work in almost every field. Ensure that you make every moment count when pursuing your business degree for you to gain the necessary skills required to maintain a career of your choice.