Things you should consider before buying a drone online


The Internet has brought the shop to our homes and buying stuff online is so convenient. It is no different when you are buying drones, the only risk is getting a reliable online store. The greatest risks are the reliability of the webstore, and second the choice of product. You do not get to feel or test the product before you buy. So, the next best option when buying online is to consult online review sites like RC Hobby Reviews that provide an authentic opinion from experts.

When buying a RC drone, the things that would be topmost on your mind is the type of drone that you require, the model, the type that would suit your requirement, and quite obviously the price. With the rapid advances in drone technology, the times are exciting. However, the decision to buy the best UAV is dependent on a lot of factors and this article seeks to help you with some of the must-dos before your finally buy a drone online.

Which drone to buy

It is most likely that you are an amateur or a beginner looking to get a hang of a drone that would be suitable for your requirement. A quadcopter is typically most suitable for such requirements and you would be looking for an X or H square frame. These provide greater stability and are known to be reliable. They can withstand wind speeds of around 10-15 mph and can also lift loads up to 2 pounds. They comprise of four motors and propeller blades. The most important factors when flying a drone are its pitch, roll, and yaw and therefore you would want that your drone comes with a gyroscope and an accelerometer that helps measure these.

Your purpose of buying

Will you be buying a drone that’s purpose is just to be a toy for your kid?  Or, are you looking for live-stream aerial videos or will you be using to do land mapping in three dimensions? There are specialized drones for different uses. For example, a videography or a surveillance drone may have apparently similar requirements, but the technology employed would be different. So, consideration of the purpose of use is important so that you can accordingly choose the features that you require. However, the basics are all similar and therefore getting conversant with a quadcopter is a great way to start.

Beware of regulations

Since it is the airspace that you will be using, there are pertinent regulations that pertain to the use and operation of a drone. Not that all countries have one, but it is always good to check out first before you buy. For example, if you are in the United States, registration is a must and it is compulsory to be above the age of 13. Registration doesn’t cost much, but it is mandatory. In most parts of the world, you would have flying restrictions around significant monuments and flight routes. It is best to consult your local laws or if in doubt, consult one of the many drone forums that you may have in your region.

How much does it cost?

There are so many different varieties of drones and then there are multiple companies manufacturing them. In some cases, you could also come across different versions of the same product. Costs are generally a factor of the size and the features available. Of course, well-known brands tend to be a little costlier than the others. Again, bigger ones will be priced generally higher than the smaller ones. One thing that you should bear in mind is to choose the type and purpose of your drone first before you do a price comparison. Else, you would most likely be comparing apples to oranges and will be confused.

Once your initial shortlisting is done, then you could go for a comparison between different brands. There could be a case where two drones have similar features but come at different price ranges from different manufacturers. Also, consider the costs of spare parts as it is quite likely that you would need some later or at least if you are looking to upgrade.

Review Drones Online

If you are serious about buying a drone, it makes sense to consult or read up user opinions or reviews from experts. Most websites like RC Hobby Review obtain specific knowledge about quadcopters, their operations, as well as information of different brands. These are great for Most importantly, these websites have detailed analysis of features, durability, product gears. They are also likely to have active user communities, thus providing you access to first-hand information, thus helping you with your research before you make a decision to buy.