Things Newspapers Will Teach You Regarding Web Design


It is extremely difficult to be a part of all the latest trends associated with web design. There is no denying the fact that web technology is improving constantly and developers have several ranges of features that they can use for their advantage. This is responsible for creating an innovative and forward-thinking space. However, web designers must understand that almost all art is known to have ancient masters. In the case of the websites, it is undoubtedly the newspapers. When you decide to dig into the principles associated with news design, several overlaps can become indistinguishable. Newspapers are responsible for playing this game for more than just a single century and they are winning. According to, websites should have great looks along with functionality.

Any person, who has little interest in web design, is going to benefit if he knows how the news design is responsible for working. Given below is a list of the things that the newspapers have been teaching to the web designers.

The home page

There is no denying the fact that the newspapers are around since the 17th century. They have undoubtedly worked extremely hard for all the rules and the content changes constantly and so the rules are abstract. Almost 95% of the content that you see in any newspaper is not going to be present the day after. This is a framework and the rule that is responsible for holding the newspaper together.

Above the fold– If you have already been working on the web, you already know the phrase “above the fold”. This is responsible for pointing towards the content that you are going to land with when you are opening any particular web page. This is one of the most important newspaper terms and it is dated back to centuries. Because of the size of the newspapers, they will be stacked and folded half and the top fold makes sure that the content is visible. This is undoubtedly the most important thing that the readers set eyes on. It is often the first and most important way of making an impression. If you come across a newspaper that does not have a great front page, you are not going to pick it up.

The same technology is applicable for web design as well. It should consist of the most important thing that is capable of attracting people to stay hooked to the website. This particular phrase is indeed relevant mostly for the home pages but it is applicable almost everywhere. ‘Above the fold’ is also one of the most viewed parts of any webpage with engagement.

The Gutenberg principle– As soon as you have great attention from your readers, you have to understand what the Gutenberg principle is. This particular pattern was championed by Edmund C, who was the father of the newspaper. The Gutenberg principle is one of the rules of thumb that you can follow when you are thinking about how people are going to engage with your content, irrespective of whether it is pixels or paper.

The Gutenberg principle is responsible for stating that when individuals face homogeneous content, they are responsible from starting from the left-hand corner on the top and finishing at the right-hand corner in the bottom, while constantly flickering from right to left. This is also known as reading gravity. The newspaper designs are responsible for aping this particular flow. If this flow is broken, readers are not going to be interested in what is present in the newspaper or the webpage.

This flow applies to web design as well. While reading content online, people keep flickering from the right to left constantly. Almost anyone can be reading your content online and that is why it is important to decipher the Gutenberg principle.

However, one important thing that web designers have to understand is that people are not only engaging with content under the Gutenberg principle. Several eye-tracking studies have revealed shape patterns, which mean that people keep hopping down while reading something. It is a must to understand all these patterns because they are not only rules but also trends. Any strong news design is not going to blindly believe in the Z pattern or Gutenberg Principle. The lessons associated with the Gutenberg principle should be the starting points, which the web designers need to play around with. To know more and implement this in your web design, it is always a good idea to contact the professional web designers of web design.

Nameplates– All the newspapers are responsible for having nameplates. This is going to make sure that you do not keep changing your name from one edition to another. The nameplates are the branding, which states that you are not any particular newspaper but you are the newspaper. It is responsible for communicating your identity and everything that you are publishing.

This is similar in the case of web designs as well. You cannot keep changing the name of your website because people are going to identify you based on the name that you have selected. Consider the Gutenberg principle and understand that the nameplate is undoubtedly the first and most important thing that the readers are going to see.

All the websites have nameplates and these nameplates are known as the header. It is going to be extremely weird for any website to not have a header. The name of the website is going to create an identity, which will help people to recognize you whenever you come across your content. This is why you need to make sure that the name is unique for people to recognize and remember easily.

Content blocks and grid systems– Newspapers are nothing but content. Right from one cover to another, they are constantly packed with information in a well organized and well-presented manner. The grid system is important for any newspaper design. When the content is arranged in a block, it becomes easy to organize content and the content becomes better and clearer. This is also one of the important newspaper designs that web designers should consider integrating.


If you are interested in killing web design, you have to consider the design pattern of the newspapers. Make sure that you are considering everything that has been mentioned above so that you can benefit from it and design your website without any hassle.