Things to Check and to Avoid Before Buying A Used iPhone 11


Launched on September 10, 2019, iPhone 11 is still a new-gen phone. Design-wise, the phone features a glass body that is available in six different colors: red, black, yellow, white, green, and purple. The company says that the Apple phone 11 is made from the most intricate glass ever in a smartphone. 

Featuring an ultra-wide-angle camera, this iPhone captures four times more scenes, making it ideal for tight shots, landscape shots, architecture images, and more. Anyone who wants to save a good amount of money can also prefer the used iphone 11. 

The used phone is available at third-party retailers in like-new condition at a lower price. Readout below to know is it still worth purchasing a used 11 iPhone and which model would make the right choice.

Is It Worth to Get iPhone 11 In 2021?

Buying an iPhone 11 makes a lot of sense for those who do not need 5G connectivity. Thanks to the iPhone 12 in 2020, the iPhone 11 can now be bought for less money. The Apple phone 11 is quite similar to iPhone 12, and the camera is decent enough for iPhone lovers. It has a better battery life compared to other phones. 

The phone possesses a good combination of software and hardware. Improved water resistance and overall durability make it worth buying iPhone 11 still in 2021. It is available in three models: iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Being an Apple lover, people always seek to buy a good and reliable phone. However, the price of new Apple phones is not always striking due to which people prefer to buy previously launched iPhones. iPhone 11 series is still in demand, and people find them signing a long-time contract as they get better deals on that phone.

Should One Buy a Used iPhone 11?

If anyone wants to save more money then, they can go for a refurbished iPhone 11. Once people decide that they have to buy a second iPhone, the next step is to figure out which model about Apple phone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max is a perfect fit. 

However, while buying the used iPhones from the local store, there is no guarantee that the iPhone is not reported as stolen. One can save themselves from any scam or getting a poor-quality product, and it is better to search second hand phones on trusted sites.

Apart from it, before buying a secondhand iPhone 11, one should go through some points, which are as follows:

Check IMEI

An IMEI refers to a unique identification number for iPhones. By entering this number, one can know if that iPhone is stolen or not. While buying a used Apple phone 11, it is crucial to ensure that the seller gives actual IMEI. To check whether the number matches for that iPhone, punch in *#06#.


The blacklist is a list of banned IMEI numbers or databases of phones described as stolen. Once a phone is labeled as blacklisted, it cannot connect to any network. 

The blacklisted iPhone will seem to be in proper condition to work, but one cannot connect to the carrier after inserting a SIM card. Hence, it is essential to acknowledge if the used phone is blacklisted or not.

Assess Features

People should be sure what features they are sacrificing when they buy a used Apple phone. Most likely, they are going to purchase at least one generation behind the recent product launch. 

Undoubtedly, it will cost them about $100 cheaper and is an intelligent way of saving money. They should ensure that they know all the features their model does not possess and they are comfortable without them.

Test iPhone’s Main Functions

After confirming that the used iPhone is not blacklisted, people should test out all the phone’s primary functions. It involves screen test, liquid damage, connectivity, speakers, and microphones, and buttons test. One should check the brightness of the iPhone, test buttons to ensure if they are functioning normally. Using the Voice Memos app, one can test the main speaker and ear speaker of the iPhone. 

To test the camera, one can take several pictures simultaneously and observe if the picture quality meets the iPhone standards. Moreover, if there are any signs of liquid damage, do not buy that used phone. The charges would become difficult as well as expensive.

What to Avoid While Buying a Used Apple Phone?

 People are generally aware of all the vital checks to make while buying a used iphone 11. Apart from it, there are some red flags that one should not avoid to consider to buy a like-new second hand phone. These involve:

●  The seller is selling a used iPhone at an unbelievably low price.

●  The second hand iPhone is being sold in a box labeled as Brand New. It shows that the iPhone is artificially packaged or stolen.

●  The vendor becomes conscious and is not able to answer all questions about the phone.

●  The seller disagrees with buying a used iPhone to meet with the phone’s previous owner.

Where to Get A Used Apple Phone?

Apple stores sell refurbished products on their official website. There is always limited stock, and the selections change every day. Still, it is better to check. However, they put some extra charges as experts repair the used iPhones with some Apple parts. 

To buy cheaper secondhand iPhone 11, people can trust third-party vendors, which buy and sell used iPhones. One can buy used Apple phones at affordable rates and may get a quality guarantee along with a protection plan.


Anyone who wants to get an iPhone 11 without paying the total price can go for a used one. However, it is always a matter of concern about buying a refurbished or used Apple phone. So. making the right choice also matters. 

Though it’s reasonable to wonder if a used iPhone is as reliable as a new product, one should buy it from a reputable vendor. Make sure the vendor is a trusted one.